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  1. Stylish Salons Begin With Sleek Salon Furniture

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    SalonStylingChairIs 2014 the year you finally update your salon from the ’60s décor it’s always sported? Or are you just starting out in the industry and looking to find a style all your own? The beauty trade is all about image, fashion, and branding, and the look of your salon is the first impression people will have about your brand. Everything in your salon will make a statement about who you are,what kind of work you do, and who makes up your regular clientele. The interior of your business tells potential customers what to expect.


    When it’s time to redo your business, you want to purchase your salon furniture from a reputable company that understands your needs. Culver-Newlin’s line of vocational furniture will help you attract your target clientele. From styling chairs and vanities to backwashes and shelving, we have what you want. We know you have enough to worry about behind the scenes, so we provide you quality furniture so you can have peace of mind and confidence when someone new – or familiar – walks through your salon door.


    Quality and comfort are essential in sending the right message to clients about your work and how you manage your business; customers do pay attention to details! Patrons want to relax and be pampered. Show them you care by choosing Culver-Newlin’s well-cushioned shampoo and styling chairs, and waiting room furniture.


    Potential clients also look for salons that are well-stocked yet tidy. Our rollabouts and shelving provide you with the space you need and the organization your customers require. When you shop the line of Culver-Newlin’s vocational furniture, you are sure to find the solution to your salon needs.

  2. Unveiling Our New Website

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    Do you remember the old-fashioned school desks that were “one-piece” seat and desk?  They were too big for the small students and too small as the children grew.  Now the only places to see these are a flea market or an antique shop.  Teachers and students alike are thankful that those desks are a relic of the past.


    School and office furniture design have improved greatly, and so has the website at Culver-Newlin.  We are excited to announce the official launch of our newly redesigned website.  Created with you in mind, so that you can quickly locate the products and information you’re interested in, our site is easy to navigate.  Simple and clear is what you’re looking for, and that’s what you get with our upgraded site.  New website—uninterrupted values of innovative, quality products, commitment to our clients, passion in our purpose, and an unmatched level of service.


    This is your party!  You are invited!  We’re excited to show off what we’ve created for you!  The red carpet is out.  Stop by soon at Culver-Newlin, and be sure to visit us on Facebook.  Check us out on Twitter, and look us over on Pinterest. We’re on Google+, as well.


    If you’re starting out, dreaming of an upgrade, in the preparation stage of expansion, or ready to make it happen, Culver-Newlin has the school and office furniture to set you up in style at affordable prices.  Find the right fit of furnishings for your students, clients, employees—for yourself.  Come see what we have for you!  We’re your one-stop website for class-act school furniture, stylish office furniture, and all the finishing touches.  You have our guarantee of excellent service and superior products—exactly what Culver-Newlin has offered our clients for more than 50 years.  Contact us today…we can make sure your project succeeds.