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  1. The Right Furnishings Can Turn a Library into a Sanctuary

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    WoodShelvingA library is a magical place. It’s a place where books live, inviting you to sit down with them and share a magical story, a piece of wisdom, or some grand narrative. For those who love to read, it’s a place for the imagination to come to life; for those who must do research for a paper, book, or speech, it’s a place for knowledge to spring forth; for those who work from home, it’s a private, influential workspace that positively influences productivity and creativity.


    Just entering a library and walking down rows full of volumes, smelling the scent of aged paper and ink, fingering mature bindings, and hearing the gentle swish and crackle as readers turn pages can relax you and reduce stress. Libraries offer book checkout for free, but a great many libraries have comfortable book nooks with plush chairs, free WiFi, a table, and even window seats for the readers who want access to a wide variety of books and a time away, all to themselves with their chosen books.


    Culver-Newlin understands the needs and desires people have when they enter the sanctuary that is a local library. That’s why we have the essential furniture and accessories in our product lines to help libraries nurture the reader’s heart, the writer’s spirit, the child’s mind, the businessman’s need, the teacher’s hope, and human soul. From computer kiosks, revolving book spinners, and versa-style shelving to atlas stands, big book storage, seating options, and more, we are the one-stop shop for library furniture.


    Check out our catalog of resilient and affordable library furniture, and contact us with your questions, needs, and visions – we’ll work side-by-side with you until we have outfitted your library to your specifications and your satisfaction. Be proud of the space and atmosphere you create within your library. Call us today. 

  2. Investing in the Design of Future Education

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    Do you remember the smell of your high school?  That odd and wonderful combination of odors from polished floors, chalk boards, formaldehyde, steam boilers, books new and old, and the cafeteria?  And the carved-on desks.  You could make holes in your paper if you didn’t have padding under there. Nothing matches the memories of your alma mater.  Study hall, the science lab, the old gym, and the library—even the parking lot—all these have their place in your mind.


    If you attended a newly-built school, it had its smells, too.  New everything!  New desks, new lockers, new library and media center—new environment.  And you couldn’t find any classroom.  But you were in the new school, and that was great!  You can tell your children that you were a freshman at that school when it was brand new.


    When schools remodel, or build new, the excitement is tangible.  Experts in school design have the lay-out down to perfection.  The library, the music rooms, the cafeteria, classrooms, the gym and pool, and all the offices are precisely drawn and decorated.  And the furniture for each area of education must be chosen. Pouring over catalogs, gleaning information and input, the committee for furnishing the new school rooms labors to choose the best, yet not bankrupt the budget.   Here is where Culver-Newlin is your friend.


    The professionals at Culver-Newlin can help you select and set up classroom furniture to use space effectively and efficiently.  The cafeteria furnishings from Culver-Newlin will brighten the lunch-room.  Welcoming, comfortable areas for study, research, and instruction in the library will please the eye and the senses.  With new and innovative furniture for your school, offices, and additional miscellaneous furnishings, the experts at Culver-Newlin will walk with you through space planning, the product selection process, work with your budget, and deliver your furniture “set in place,” if you wish.  Customer service has been the foundation of our success for over 50 years, and our foundation is rock solid.  For a wide range of high quality products, innovative ideas, and superb service, contact Culver-Newlin today.