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  1. The Art of Display

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    displaycaseTrophy cases make exquisite additions to any schoolroom, office space, or retail store. When you want to place your school’s or company’s awards or merchandise on display, you want an exhibit case that is durable, attractive, and functional. Culver-Newlin’s line of beautiful trophy cases will affordably fit the bill for your needs.

    Retailers can place trophies, figurines, sports memorabilia, artwork, clocks, and books on the showroom floor for easy viewing. Schools can proudly display their sports trophies, team keepsakes, and student and alumni accomplishments on exhibit in hallways. Law offices and auto repair shops can showcase an array of academic achievements, social club memberships, awards, and auto parts displays.

    The trophy case you choose will be defined by your needs. But whatever you choose to display in one of Culver-Newlin’s fine cabinets, rest assured you will find what you need when you shop our line of vitrines. You can proudly show off your school’s or business’s treasures in your choice of oak, mahogany, walnut, or black cases of varying widths and heights. Fully adjustable shelves and tamper-proof locks allow you to store your valuable ornaments of any size without anxiety over their safety.

    Take a look at our fine array of display cases, and choose from our Elite Counter Height, Traditional Wood, Elite Freestanding, or Trophy and Display Cases. We also feature literature organizers for your convenience.

    Whatever your need, whatever your budget, contact Culver-Newlin. Our affordable, durable, and lovely school and office furniture will not disappoint.

  2. Arranging Play to Educate–Setting Up Your Preschool Classroom

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    1, 2, 3.   A, B, C.    Do, Rey, Mi.   Education and fun so fascinatingly intertwined that they can’t be separated.  This is preschool at its finest.


    Setting up your preschool classroom to foster educational fun is central to the development of your young students.  What is seen from the door will captivate and draw your little learners in.   And what they engage in each day will become the foundation of their education.  You have the grand opportunity to present environment arrangements that encourage exploration and education in your protégés.


    Culver-Newlin has the furnishings and equipment you need to make your classroom intriguing and inviting.   We offer the finest in learning center furniture to fit small students.   Your vision will take shape with our resources.  Culver-Newlin engages with you to promote preschool as the delightful educational center that it is.


    Contact Culver-Newlin for the best selection of age-appropriate, durable furniture and equipment for your preschool.  Colorful and sturdy chairs, tables, shelves, and mats build the basis of your room.  Continue to construct your surroundings with learning centers for science, math, reading, computer, art, drama, exercise, and a teacher area.  You are limited only by your imagination and your budget, and Culver-Newlin is here to accommodate both.


    Preschoolers are adults in the making, and you have the priceless privilege of shaping their love for learning.   With Culver-Newlin as your partner in acquiring pint-sized furniture and accessories for your students that will meet their needs and withstand everyday use for years, you can guide energetic and exploring minds into education using the right equipment in the right environment.  And they will have fun every moment under your tutelage.  This is why you became a preschool teacher.  Contact Culver-Newlin today.