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  1. A Peek Into a 21st Century Classroom

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    Technology is radically and continually transforming the ways and means by which education is being delivered, and modern day classrooms have needs that are quite different from the conventional classrooms of the past. The 21st century classroom provides fertile conditions for students to develop the skills required in the 21st century workplace. Teachers fulfill the role of learning assistants, and actively pursue higher learning themselves.


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    Characteristically, the 21st century classroom is a student-centric environmentwhere students are active, rather than passive, in their learning. Teachers lecture less and facilitate more. They are valuable resources for the learner as the student uncovers and masters new ideas. Student needs, learning styles, and abilities are of utmost importance in the 21st century classroom.


    The 21st century classroom emphasizes skills: Information and communication skills, thinking and problem-solving skills, interpersonal and self-directional skills, digital technology skills, high-productivity skills, and inventive thinking skills. The educational environment in the modern classroom is carefully planned and well organized in order to enhance the student’s academic experience and create a framework for active learning.

    Computers are readily available in 21st century classrooms, since they are neccessary tools for the modern workplace, and replace heavy, often out-of-date textbooks and cumbersome pen and paper. Online research is made easy, and students can easily master technology skills needed on the job.

    Culver-Newlin provides 21st century classrooms with the tools and expertise to set up the ideal learning environment with up-to-date school furniture and concepts. Culver-Newlin can help those who educate America’s future generations reduce clutter, respond to varied learning and teaching styles, integrate wireless and transparent technology, create multi-functional tools, and more.

  2. What Makes for a Good Classroom Environment?

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    Do you remember your elementary school classrooms?  The ABC’s across the top of a black board that was really green?  Uncomfortable desks.  And the large oak desk for the teacher front and center.  We pledged the flag, and sat in rows, and learned in spite of ourselves.  Well, we’re no longer in Kansas, Toto.  Classrooms have evolved.  Environment is king.  So what makes for a good classroom environment?


    Many experts weigh in on which ingredients make for a good classroom environment.  A nurturing and educational environment is made up of various participating elements including color, lighting, and furnishings.  And the instructor crowns the components with grace and makes it all work together for the students.


    Bright and warm colors have replaced the dreadful pale green walls of yesteryear’s classrooms.  Flooring, furnishings, and walls factor together to welcome students into an inviting and educational atmosphere.  Posters proclaiming inspirational quotes strengthen students’ spirit and resolve.  Artwork by the students themselves proclaims their talent.  This enriched environment, fostered by a teacher who feeds the need for learning, is today considered a vital force in successful education.


    From traditional school furniture to today’s new and innovative contemporary designs, Culver-Newlin provides your classroom with the highest quality furnishings available.  Choose from our wide variety of attractive and functional desks and seating arrangements.  Select the right size chairs and tables for children from our age-appropriate furnishings.  Incorporate storage units, science space, art areas, and presentation units.  Analyze your space, and arrange your classroom to best serve you and your students.


    A good classroom environment comes together with color, strong elements of encouragement and education, and the spirit exuded by teacher and students together.  Contact Culver-Newlin for the furniture that puts function into the environment you’re so carefully cultivating.  We have what you need to bring it all to fruition.  Call 949-597-0123 today. Culver-Newlin furnishings will thrill your teacher heart with delightful possibilities.