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  1. Three Easy Ways to Create an Inviting and Inspiring Office Space

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    When a new or potential client or employee walks into your reception area or office for the first time, their first impression of you, your business, and your skills will automatically be influenced. Will they see organization or clutter? Will they see hard, uncomfortable chairs or soft, inviting ones? Will they see drab furnishings or a place in which creation is encouraged?

    As your potential clients or employees soak in your office surroundings, they will make a mental note whether they want to align themselves with your company or not. Here are three tips to follow that will ensure your office will give the right first impression of you.

    Put the Kibosh on Clutter

    The first thing clients notice when they walk in to your reception area or office is how well organized – or not – it appears. Do you have to dig through piles of papers and documents to retrieve the one that pertains to them? Are books and magazines scattered about? Are there containers of half-eaten food lying open on your desk? Can you find a pen and notepad? How about a Kleenex box?

    Culver-Newlin supplies a wide range of products to boost your productivity and keep your office area tidy and organized. From storage and file cabinets to bookcases, we have the right tool for you. We even have panel systems and dividers to separate unsightly mess from your desk and meeting space! Your office should exude an atmosphere of organization and efficiency, and Culver-Newlin has just what you need to create that.


    Comfortable chairs and sturdy tables are essential for keeping clients happy while waiting or meeting with you. Stiff, uncomfortable seats and flimsy, unstable work surfaces leave customers with stiff backs and unfavorable impressions.

    Culver-Newlin offers chair and table solutions that are just right for your office or reception area. Cushions, arm rests, and comfortable upholstery will have your customers feeling comfortable and ready to talk business. Our sturdy table options allow your clients to rest knowing their electronic equipment is safe, and they can get down to business.

    Interactive Space

    When clients enter your office, you want them to feel inspired and ready to come on board with your business ideas, so it’s important to put your wall space to work for you, creating an interactive center. White boards help clients illustrate ideas quickly and identify and solve problems efficiently. Large, erasable calendars allow you and clients both to know what day it is, what holidays are coming up, and when to schedule another meeting date. Cork boards, chalk boards, touch screens, projection screens – if you want your office space to invite creation, collaboration, and connection, fill it with the ability to interact.

    Culver-Newlin invites you to take a look at the many ways we can assist you in creating an interactive, inspiring office space that will keep your clients coming back for more. Contact us today; we have solutions to your needs.


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  2. The Principle’s Office — A Fresh Look

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    Perhaps you can recall the days when the phrase “the principle’s office” could put the fear of God in students.  That was the place to avoid at all cost. Only the deepest rebels entered there.


    Today, the school office is presenting a friendly face.  Recognized as the hub of all school activity, it is a place of smiling, kindly people within an inviting setting.  A pleasant and efficient nerve center of school operations.


    Are you ready to bring your school office up-to-date with a needed make-over?  You have the perfect team-mate in Culver-Newlin.  Whatever your budget, we have what you need for the statement you’re looking to make.  You want smart design and sleek style, and we stock those.  You want lasting quality and great value, and we supply those.  Culver-Newlin offers you our full-service package that incorporates planning, purchasing, delivery, and set-up, if requested.


    Culver-Newlin has the best furniture options for shaping your school office from conception to completion:

    • Executive desks and chairs
    • Conference tables and chairs
    • Desks
    • Counters
    • Cabinets
    • Storage
    • Files
    • Dividers, and more


    Our staff is knowledgeable regarding your requirements and can help you fulfill your furniture needs and desires.  Explore the broad selection and choose what fits with your projected image.  We’ll help you construct the exact setting and atmosphere you want to portray.


    Culver-Newlin stocks the full spectrum of furnishing for your school office and other areas, offering

    • Cafeteria furniture
    • Computer furniture
    • Classroom furniture
    • Music furniture
    • Multimedia furniture
    • Early Childhood furniture
    • Science furniture
    • Outdoor furniture


    Discover colorful, sturdy, top-quality furniture at the best prices.  Create your school office or classroom and other areas with Culver-Newlin.  We’re your partner for school furniture with purpose and function.  Call today: 949-597-0123.