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  1. Family-Owned, Excellent Service: Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    Pen3Family-owned and operated businesses are perhaps the oldest form of business organization there is. Farmers, shopkeepers, and doctors relied on family members to assist in the day-to-day upkeep of the business and to provide quality care of customer needs. Combining business adventures and family life may have its own set of challenges, but trust without reserve and a bond like no other is formed when families work hard, play hard, and serve well.

    Culver-Newlin has been family-owned and operated since 1963. We hold those words dear, because to us, they mean that you, the customer, can confidently trust that we are dedicated to and passionate about what we do. We care deeply about both our family and our company reputation, and though we are a business, we maintain the highest standards of quality in office and school furniture in order to please both new and loyal customers, and to uphold our family legacy.

    Long-standing family-owned businesses are rapidly disappearing in our industry, and are being replaced by large furniture chains that cannot provide the same quality and customer service. Culver-Newlin wants you to feel comfortable and at home while shopping with us, even on the internet. So we have listed the names and contact information of our company’s personnel, from senior management and sales staff to office and warehouse staff right, on our website.

    The things that we value as a family – supporting our community, excellent service, high quality furniture – are clearly seen and daily lived out here at Culver-Newlin. We invite you to take a look through our catalog and contact us at 949-597-0123 or at with any questions or needs. Our sales team and design staff will assist you with product selection based on your needs, space planning, budget quotations, and project management. Customer service is the foundation of our success, and Culver-Newlin thanks you for your business. We look forward to many more years of serving you!

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  2. Of Thrones and Desk Chairs

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    Though the finest of furniture befitting a king, many a royal has sat upon an uncomfortable throne.  Thrones, representing the position and power of the dignitary who sat thereon, and the legal authority for the existence of the government, were ornate and symbolic.  Ranging from stools to elaborate chairs, thrones were fabricated out of rare and valuable materials significant to the kingdom.  King Solomon’s throne was made of ivory covered with pure gold.  It had six steps ascending on each side with standing lions on each step, and a footstool of gold.   No throne was ever made like it in any kingdom (2 Chronicles 9: 17-19).  Other thrones have been set with precious and semi-precious jewels, and made of oak, ivory, silver, or bronze.  Elaborate carvings decorated many of these ancient pieces of furniture.


    We are independent of thrones, and thankful to be so, but many of us are held captive by desk chairs.  Few of us have what we would call fancy office chairs, and many of the ones we have are down-right uncomfortable.  Be encouraged!  Culver-Newlin has good news for all you desk-chair sufferers.


    Taking Care of Business


    Executive desk chairs come with a variety of comfort levels.  You can choose the finest grain leather, extra lumbar support, memory foam, carpet castors, locking tilt control, adjustable height armrests, and a high back.  Your very own office throne.


    Ergonomic office chairs offer considerable comfort while supporting your lower back and promoting good posture.  An ergonomic chair gives you


    • Easy seat height adjustment for sitting correctly and comfortably at your desk
    • A wide and deep seat with adjustable forward and back tilt to support you comfortably
    • Lumbar support with both height and depth for the best possible fit
    • Adjustable backrest in both forward and back angles that locks to maintain the proper angle
    • Breathable fabric seat material comfortable enough to sit on for extended periods of time
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Swivel base that rotates for easy distance reach without strain


    Culver-Newlin is your main source for office furniture in Southern California.  When you want the highest quality products available and excellent service without peer, contact us at 949-597-0123.  With a wide variety of executive desk chairs for you to choose from, Culver-Newlin has all your office furniture needs in our showroom and distribution center.  Our prices are competitive, and our personal attention is yours.


    We’ve all had an understanding chuckle at the statement, “Some days the best thing about my job is that the desk chair goes round and round.”  If you’re considering replacing the desk chairs for your company offices, come into Culver-Newlin today where our friendly and knowledgeable staff will treat you like royalty.