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  1. Maintaining a Safe Workplace Environment

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    Workplace safety fosters productivity, reduces hazards and injuries, and is essential to employee trust and happiness. Insurance companies may lower worker’s comp premiums after workplace safety measures are implemented as well. Culver-Newlin understands the necessity of maintaining a safe workplace environment, and we’re fully stocked and able to supply you with safety-enhancing furniture and ideas. Let’s look at a few, shall we?


    Fire Safety

    It’s important to have a fire evacuation and safety plan outlined and posted for all employees to read, and to have a map drawn of escape routes. Make sure all your exit signs have working light bulbs and regularly test the emergency lighting system. Check and replace frayed or damaged electrical cords and label all circuits.


    You should store shelf items at least three feet below the ceiling to allow firefighters easy access to automatic sprinkler systems. Place fire extinguishers in a visible, accessible place that is no more than five feet off the ground. All exit doors should remain unlocked during business hours, and should be free of obstructions when people are inside the building. Shelving near doorways provide storage for items that may otherwise block the doorway. You can download Culver-Newlin’s office and furniture catalogs here.


    Chemical Safety

    Workplace chemicals must be monitored to avoid Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) policies, and employees must be protected from exposure to both hazardous chemicals and biological agents, like mold, animal waste, and bodily fluids. Each potentially dangerous chemical handled in the workplace needs to have a material safety data sheet available to employees, and hazardous chemicals should be placed in a locked cabinet.


    Culver-Newlin’s line of office furniture features safe storage for potentially harmful fluids and chemicals. You can download Culver-Newlin’s office and furniture catalogs here.


    Product Safety

    Loose chair rollers, shaky table legs, or malfunctioning equipment can wreak havoc on workplace safety. Fixing or replacing unstable or faulty products will keep your workplace running smoothly and safely.


    Business owners are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace for their employees, and failure to comply with standards can make you liable for injuries. Prevent an unsafe work environment by ensuring all equipment is safe and usable. Culver-Newlin can assist you in creating a healthy work space by providing you with sturdy yet attractive office furnishings. You can download Culver-Newlin’s office and furniture catalogs here.


    The Occupational Safety and Health Regulation states that “A workplace must be planned, constructed, used and maintained to protect from danger any person working at the workplace.” Culver-Newlin can help you do just that. From bookcases and large shelving to small cubbies and file cabinets, desks and chairs to tables and organizers, our design staff will assist you with space planning and specifications for maximum workplace safety.

  2. The Office Reflects the Executive

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    You recall the detective shows where a disheveled private eye sat in his dingy office, his worn-out shoes on a beat-up desk and one straight-backed chair for the client.  Papers were strewn every where.  He was good at his job, no question about that, but he never managed to make enough to spruce up his office.


    Where you are with your new business?  You’ve worked hard.  Is your expertise bearing fruit?  Are you ready to furnish your new office?  Are you standing in the middle of your newly rented space, happy to have signed the lease, and ready to put your desk, ah, yes, there!?  Wondering exactly what you need for office furniture and décor, and where to find what you want?


    You’ve checked out other offices for ideas and talked with friends.  These tips can help you complete the list of “must-haves” vs. “can-waits” for furnishing your office so that it reflects the true-you.

    desk and chair for CN blog



    • The executive desk and chair


    What style are you looking for?  Do you want a contemporary, L-shaped desk, or a traditional one made from a rich, classic wood?

    What options are you interested in for your desk?

    The desk chair can be both classy and comfy.  You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time parked there.  Do you want it to be leather or other material?  With arms?  Tilt adjustments? High-backed?

    Rollers so that you can move without straining your back?


    • Computer desk

    An ergonomically correct computer workstation makes for a pleasant job space and keeps down fatigue and repetitive motion discomfort.


    • File Cabinets

    File cabinets are necessary for paper files.  Will you also need storage cabinets and shelving units?  These are simple solutions for minimal clutter and optimal storage.


    • Reception area and client seating

    Will your office require a reception area?  This area offers your clients their first impression of your office.


    • Work table and countertop

    These present space to work with on-going projects rather than endeavoring to do them at your desk.


    • Bookcases


    • Conference Room furniture


    This is a start-up furniture idea list for your new business office.  Some purchases you may be able to put off until later, depending on your start-up budget.  And congratulations! It will all come together just as you envision.


    Culver-Newlin has 50 years of experience in furnishing and setting up offices and schools, providing old-fashioned quality and cutting-edge design in office furniture.  We have exactly what you need and want for furnishing your new business office.  And we’re proud to work within your budget. Call 949-597-0123 today and come see what we have in store for you.