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  1. All in a Day’s Work

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    Office employees complain that nearly half their time is taken up with things not included in the job description.  Time-devouring things such as communicating with co-workers, in-office emails, non-productive meetings, playing office politics, and attempting to patch up others’ errors.  Americans spend nearly nine hours a day on the job.  So what does go on in the office?


    The top time-takers at work as listed by Business News Daily are these:

    1. Surfing the internet
    2. Watching TV
    3. Procrastination
    4. Meetings
    5. Non-business-related conversations
    6. Social networking
    7. Texting and talking on cell phones
    8. Being caught up in bureaucracy—fighting red tape

    Ah, well, at least some of the time wasted is work-related.

    Reasons (?) given for slacking at work are these:

    • Not being challenged by the job
    • Spending too many hours at work
    • The company doesn’t give sufficient incentive to work harder
    • Dissatisfaction in the present career
    • Just bored

    Is it any surprise that nearly half of those responding also look for a new job while on the job?  The majority of respondents also admit to unrelated-to-work ‘net-surfing every day – FaceBook, LinkedIn, Amazon shopping, and Twitter and Pinterest being the biggest culprits at time-theft.


    Employees concur that less than half their office time is spent on primary job duties.  Administrative tasks, interruptions, and meetings are pointed out as the most wasteful parts of the work day.


    Americans “work” on average forty hours each week.  When asked what helps with creativity and productivity on the job, the responses were “regular breaks; and naptime can help, too.”


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  2. Computer Furniture with Style and Design

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