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  1. 6 Space-Creating Ideas for Small Offices

    Jan 22, 2015  //  by admin  //  blog  //  No Comments

    Our work space is important to us. It’s where we spend the majority of our days. It’s where we create our products and where we earn our living. It’s where we meet with clients and where we collaborate with coworkers. It’s often where we eat, too!


    We would all love to have the large corner office, complete with picture window. But even a small office place can be enough – if you know how to organize it. If you have a limited amount of office space, read on for six ways to create room for all your office needs, even in a tiny area.


    Corner Shelves

    Take an empty corner of the room, and instead of adorning with a plant or other décor, utilize the space by building shelves. Attractively arrange pen holders, file holders, books, or other necessary items on your shelves.


    Small Storage Chest

    A small square or rectangular chest provides hidden storage, as well as extra seating when closed. Of course, the best items to place in this little space gem are things you won’t need while meeting with someone who is sitting on the chest! Push pins, extra paper, books, files, and much more can be put into the chest.


    Corner Desk

    Built-in shelves are not the only corner items that save space: Corner desks also work well for small spaces. Purchase an L-shaped desk that can easily fit into the corner, or build a desk into the corner.


    Storage Units on Casters

    These units are easily moved for quick changes and greater flexibility in furniture placement. Small, movable storage units make the room look airy yet provide good storage space.


    Corkboards, Dry Erase Boards, and Wall Calendars

    Corkboards give ample space for displaying important reminders, while dry erase boards allow you to scribble down notes quickly without having to find something to write on. Wall calendars allow you to easily see what’s planned and what’s open. All three are wall mounted, so no desk or floor space are needed.


    Hanging Baskets

    Hang attractive baskets from the wall or from the side of your desk to preserve space yet provide storage for magazines, pens, scissors, and more.


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