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  1. Five Ways to Succeed at Your First Post-College Job

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    Many of you graduated college last month. Congratulations! You may have even taken a small celebration sabbatical, but then you got back to work. Now you have your first post-college job – your first “real” job. With over 50 years’ experience of a successful business, Culver-Newlin offers the following five ways to succeed at your first post-college job.


    Pay attention during meetings

    Put down your phone. Close your laptop. Focus all of your attention on the speaker and on what’s going on during the meeting. Take notes. Be prepared to ask or to answer questions.


    Be open to collaboration and teamwork

    College work was self-focused. Business is different. You’ve heard the old saying: “There is no ‘I’ in team.” If you cannot work well with others, you cannot succeed in the business world.


    Deliver what you’ve promised

    If you’ve promised something, deliver it. If you realize you can’t deliver for one reason or another, speak with your boss or manager as soon as you know you can’t complete what you’ve taken on. Delivering on your commitments will help you build a reputation of honesty and accountability.


    Don’t pout when things don’t go your way

    This isn’t middle school. This isn’t even college any more. Things go wrong. It may be your fault. It may be someone else’s. Stay positive and stay involved – and become part of the solution! These traits will go a long way in business success.


    Continually prove you’re an asset to the company

    Just because you did an excellent job on your first project, and on your second, doesn’t mean you can now rest on your laurels. Every day is a new day you will need to prove your value to the organization.


    When you’re ready to furnish your first office, and each new office as you climb the corporate ladder, Culver-Newlin can provide you with comfortable, ergonomic office furniture. Call us when you need us, 949-288-6739. We’ll be here to watch you grow. Congratulations, Graduates!

  2. The Brass Ring: Grabbing for the American Dream

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    The American Dream. It starts with our first job, whether it be babysitting, mowing lawns, or sacking groceries at the local store. Whatever it is, we work toward the dream of college, a dream job, the perfect family, a dream house, living the dream life, and, finally, retirement. The American Dream.

    So when did we quit dreaming? Or how did our dream become a nightmare somewhere along the way? Why have we determined that the dream is unattainable?


    Dream. Grab for the brass ring – that symbol of the past that today represents striving for the prize. The brass ring – that past practice of rewarding one who succeeded in reaching for and acquiring the goal. Everyone gets a shot at the brass ring. Anyone can attain the prize who legitimately and persistently strives to achieve it. The dream is alive. It is within your reach. Hard work and team work bring realization. You can make it happen for you.

    The brass ring is a stretch. The American Dream is a grand one. It’s a worthy aspiration. It deserves your best shot. YOU deserve your best shot. Your loved ones do, too. Is your brass ring to climb the ladder where you are? Is it to start your own business? Is working for yourself your means to the American Dream? Live your life to its fullest potential. Stretch for the brass ring. Grab the American Dream.


    Culver-Newlin, a school and office furniture company, understands the brass ring concept. We grabbed for it ourselves. And for over fifty years we’ve been providing excellent service to schools and businesses in Southern California. Customer service is the focus and foundation of our family owned and operated business. With complete furnishings for the modern and ergonomic workplace, or the perfect-fit furniture for the classroom, our sales team and design staff will help you choose and set up your new office or study space. For more information, call 949-288-6739 today, or visit our website.


    Culver-Newlin can tell you the American Dream exists. It may be elusive, but it exists. And you can make it yours. Don’t give up. Never give up on your dream. Lay claim to the prize. Go for the brass ring. Grab the American Dream.