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  1. What Your Employees Want More Than Money

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    Did you know that money may not be your employees’ primary desire or motivation on a job? Instead of money, HarvardBusinessSchool professor and author Rosabeth Moss Kanter writes that today’s professionals are motivated by the opportunity for positive impact. “Loyalty comes from the daily work itself,” she says, “a sense of community accepting of individuality, and constant reminders that what employees do matters…compensation runs out of steam quickly as a source of sustained performance.”


    So how can you keep employees engaged in work and loyal to your company? Kanter recommends the three Ms: mastery, membership, and meaning.


    Make employees masters

    Kanter says that employers should help workers develop “deep skills” to become masters of their own work. Give opportunity and supply appropriate resources to learn new skills, and “they can do things faster, smarter, and better.”


    Make employees members

    “Create community by honoring individuality,” she writes. Kanter suggests giving employees opportunities to meet people throughout the organization so they can get to know one another deeply.


    “Community solidarity comes from allowing the whole person to surface.”


    Reinforce their job’s meaning

    Employees are motivated when they know their job matters to the whole of the organization.


    “Repeat and reinforce a larger purpose. Emphasize the positive impact of the work they do. Clarity about how your products or services can improve the world provides guideposts for employees’ priorities and decisions.” Kanter believes that “mission and purpose can make even mundane tasks a means to a larger end.”


    Culver-Newlin knows that, though monetary compensation certainly helps, motivation and loyalty come primarily by an employer’s willingness to ensure the employee knows they’re valued through the three Ms Kanter presents. When you need office furniture for you and your staff, contact Culver-Newlin at 949-288-6739 for the best in the industry.

  2. Multi-Taskers Are Us

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    How often during the week do you leave your desk or work at 5 PM? American workers are spending more time getting less done than in the past. Meanwhile the to-do list lengthens. We take work home in our briefcase and on our laptop, cutting into family and free time, or we go in early and leave late. And the work stretches before us as a never-ending threat that we no longer find joy in. Multi-taskers are us, and yet the in-box grows and the out-box is empty.

    Businesses are cutting workforce, adding to the workload of the current staff. There’s more to do than time in the workday to do it. We’ve become the proverbial multi-taskers, trying to balance several projects on our desks at a time and still give each one our attention and bring out an acceptable accomplishment. How do we put a stop to the squirrel cage race? Culver-Newlin, your premier Southern California office and school furniture warehouse and distribution center, provides these tips for getting it all done in your day and feeling good about it.


    Whatever your position in the company, making a few determined decisions about how you delegate your time can bring the benefit of smarter-spent time at work. Time can be found to do the important when you discover the time that’s being wasted on the non-important. Ask this question: What do I actually do with my time at work? You may be surprised….

    Find out where time escapes, and cut the waste. Are you trying to get a paper done, but interrupt yourself every paragraph or so to check your email? Does a co-worker reach over the side of your cubical with another task or question or personal issue to discuss? Are you endeavoring to finish a project while you follow a thread on FaceBook? The continued interruption of the task at hand will leave you frustrated and with work unfinished at end of day. And it affects the quality of the end product. The title, Multi-taskers Are Us is not necessarily a complimentary one.



    Make a list of work that must be accomplished – a few projects only. Three to five assignments that are truly necessary, and list these in order of importance. Get the jobs done and mark through each one as you finish it.


    Use a Timer

    Set the timer on your phone and work without allowing distraction until the first project is completed. Break bad work habits of checking email or FaceBook with a timer. Vow you won’t quit until the timer goes off and follow through. When the timer sounds, then, and only then, reward your diligence with a break.


    Plan Ahead

    Keep your eye on the goal of finishing work at work. At end of day, plan tomorrow’s projects, or your work for the rest of the week. Adjust those projects as the week progresses and as additional things are thrown your way.  Fit them into your priority list, and set that timer. Multi-taskers Are Us may still be the title, but make it within reason and restriction.


    Like water, your work will seek its own level. Build barriers, and get out of there. There will always be one more thing to do on your desk. Go home. Enjoy your life. Love your family. Come back tomorrow refreshed and ready to face the day at the desk with new-found joy.


    Culver-Newlin selects and sells the highest quality furnishings for every office in your business and every room in your school. We’re family owned and operated, serving Southern California for over 50 years. We provide our customers with excellence and expertise every day all day long, and then go home to spend time with our families. For the finest in office and school furniture and customer service, call Culver-Newlin at 949-288-6739, or visit us online.