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  1. What Employees Expect From Their Leaders

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    They say that children need and even desire leadership more than friendship from their parents. Well, it turns out that employees need, want, and expect the same from their employers. Just the same as in a family, employees want a relationship with their leaders that is honest, dependable, and unselfish.  They need to feel valued and confident that their leaders have their backs. In short, what employees expect from their leaders is leadership.




    Many workers report walking into their jobs day after day with a feeling of apprehension as leaders focus more on personal agendas than the good of the company and its employees. Leadership at its core is about ensuring employees’ safety and providing an environment and the tools with which they can thrive and be successful. True leadership builds trust, is compassionate, vulnerable, and effective. This is what employees expect from their leaders.

    The nature of true leadership is about giving specific direction, providing clear and attainable ways of achieving goals, and empowering employees to do their job well. It encourages self motivation and gives purpose to the work being done. It is trustworthy and does not seek its own glory, but that of the team. It disciplines when necessary but forgives easily. It is accountable to others, does not cut corners, and does not avoid constructive conflict when necessary. It puts its reputation on the line to protect those it leads. This is what employees expect from their leaders.

    Consistency is key in leadership, as is authenticity. The greatest leaders give respect as well as command it and earn it. They maximize potential, communicate clearly, and do not take anything or anyone for granted. This is what employees expect from their leaders.

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  2. Tips for Back-to-Work After a Break

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    Did your summer evaporate, too? Those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” go all too fast and school and fall is upon us once again. The family takes that one last vacation fling before settling into the daily groove of school schedule and lunch box fixin’s and homework. Maybe you rebel a bit at getting back into the saddle again at work after that last vacation. It’s hard, isn’t it? So how do you re-enter the work-a-day routine without burning out early? Culver-Newlin provides these tips for easing your way back to work after a break.

    • Make yourself some space. Don’t schedule yourself back to work the day after returning from vacation. You need a couple of days to unpack and re-acclimate your mind and spirit to the week ahead.
    • Go in early on your first day back to the office. Gently re-orient yourself as you play catch-up. Don’t schedule any appointments or meetings. Clear the clogged communications channels: check and answer emails; explore and sift the in-box; sort through paperwork; catch up with your co-workers on what’s been happening in the office while you were out. How have the various projects and campaigns developed in your absence?
    • Take your lunch to work with you, so that you can remain in the office all day, getting things re-organized and clearing the deck for the rest of the week.
    • Tomorrow you’ll get back into the swing of things. Make a to-do list today and prioritize the items as tomorrow’s schedule. Who should you meet with when? What must be done first? What might wait until afternoon or even later in the week?  As much as possible, be ready to leave the chute on the run in the morning.
    • Leave your work at work. Don’t take anything home with you. You’ve done your best today to prepare the stage for tomorrow. Give yourself tonight off to relax.


    It may take a day or two for you to recover your work rhythm. Don’t fret. You’ll be back in full productive mode in no time. When you love your work, it works like that. Work is a gift. It lets life be rich, and it pays for vacations.


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