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  1. Follow Me

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    When was the last time you heard someone say, “My career goal is to be a follower”? Probably never – unless you’re talking to a world-class female dance champion! But learning to follow well is a large part of learning to lead well. And teaching our employees to follow their leaders is an essential part of teaching them to lead when their time comes.


    In the movie, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, two short, power-packed lines are spoken between a leader and his close follower. Near the end of the movie, at the beginning of the final showdown between Peter Pevensie and his army and the White Witch and her army, Peter asks his right-hand centaur, Oreius, “Are you with me?” Oreius responds unwaveringly, “To the death.”


    That’s a practiced follower. And that’s a follower that’s a leader.


    To be sure, good “followership” is not defined as catering to your leader’s every whim! But skilled followers are, nevertheless, invaluable to the workplace for these three reasons:


    They’re helpers.

    Great followers are not sheep. Rather they support and assist leaders when leaders do the right thing, and stand up to leaders when they are heading in the wrong direction. They also are often the liaison between sparring leaders or a leader and another follower.


    They develop the skills needed to become leaders.

    Essential skills are learned while closely following the leader. Situational awareness, handling differences with diplomacy, courage and conviction, engaging and collaborating with others, motivation, and critical thinking are all learned while observing those in leadership roles.


    They know the value of team work.

    Wise followers understand the value of a common goal, and that leaders, team members, and coworkers are allies in the completion of the mission. Delegation is their middle name. They know how to help and how to seek it, too.


    At Culver-Newlin, we know that greatness is becoming a servant for the sake of others. A great leader must first learn to be a great follower. It’s how we’ve operated for over 50 years. Customer service is our foundation and your satisfaction is our goal. From our CEO to our sales team, our delivery personnel to our receptionist, our design staff to our warehouse workers, Culver-Newlin is here to serve your needs.


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  2. A Shift of Sitting is Hard on Your Health

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    Most adults in the United States sit for close to eight hours a day. It’s all in a day’s work. And sitting all day is stressful, adversely affecting nearly every part of your body. Prolonged sitting has been associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, muscle deterioration, swollen ankles, blood clots in the legs, and even organ damage. Sitting can be a back-breaking job. Studies have found that sitting for long periods at a time increase the risk for colon and breast cancer among others. If it is your job to sit all day, Culver-Newlin invites you to come in and choose an ergonomic chair for your office. These tips are provided by the crew at Culver-Newlin to help you when a shift of sitting is hard on your health.

    If you have to sit,

    • Sit up straight
    • Don’t lean forward
    • Don’t hunch your shoulders
    • Keep your arms close to your sides
    • Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle
    • Use lower back support in your chair
    • Have your feet flat on the floor


    Sitting correctly helps align your spine and allows you to breathe deeply. Craning your neck at your desk or cradling a phone handset can strain your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. Sitting for long stretches of time can wreck your posture, lessen your ability to move easily, and even give you an uneven gait when you walk. It also lessens your ability to think as blood flow to the brain becomes slow. What can you do to protect yourself when a shift of sitting is hard on your health?


    When your work day requires sitting at a desk, break up your day with as much movement as you can incorporate. Take a short walk during your breaks. Stand while you eat lunch. Take the stairs. Stand and stretch frequently. Moving provides fresh blood and oxygen to the brain and muscles and releases mood-enhancing and cancer-fighting chemicals. You really do help yourself physically when you fit activity into your shift of sitting.


    Culver-Newlin has more than fifty years of experience providing the latest and finest office furniture to our customers. We carry a complete line of furnishings for the modern and ergonomic workplace. Come into our showroom in Southern California and let our team help you choose the chair that best fits you. Or call Culver-Newlin today for more information at 940-288-6739. When a shift of sitting is hard on your health, come and get a desk chair that supports and protects your health. We carry what you need. And we have it for you when you need it.