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  1. Before Landing Your Dream Job…

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    The kid came home after collecting and solemnly reported to his family, “You don’t know pressure until you’ve had a paper route.” We smile but every job comes with its own stress level. And the longer we live, the more we recognize that truth. Why do we so look forward to retirement? To finally escape the daily stress of the daily grind, right?

    What job did you hold during your teen and young adult years? Whatever it was, it taught you valuable lessons you remember to this day. The wise learn at every opportunity, and those early jobs certainly offered us opportunity to learn. We often acquire our first eye-opening insights into humanity with our first job. We begin to gain an understanding of and appreciation for people in all walks of life. And what’s important in life begins to reveal itself to us. So what jobs did you work before landing your dream job?

    • Wait staff – now there’s pressure, for sure. “I believe I’ll have…no, wait, this looks good. How does that taste? This is overcooked, and I’ll take it out of your tip.” Surely a special reward awaits the waiter who continues to smile and remains sweet. Because the pay certainly isn’t enough reward now.
    • Working retail – if this was your first job, you can certainly reflect on that when you shop the department and grocery stores. No wonder you’re kind to the clerk. You can sharply recall all the grumpy customers you helped in your previous position.
    • Babysitting – this one can make one of two people out of you: the person who loves children and wants at least a couple of your own, and decides you could make working with children your life-calling; or the one who vows to never have children of your own.
    • Bartender – this job will make you wonder why you didn’t go to school to become a therapist with the resultant pay grade, or convince you that you have no intention of becoming a therapist whatever the pay grade. But you can still concoct a mean margarita.
    • Maintenance/janitorial/housekeeping – this job truly prepares you for life…by training you to pick up and clean up other people’s messes without personal thanks. And to still do your best in spite of the lack of appreciation.
    • Working freelance – this one is a real instructor in this course of life. Here you learn to meet deadlines regardless of whatever else is on your plate. And making it on your own merits is a real life lesson.
    • Factory employee – whether on the assembly line or at work in your own little world, here you are a small but important part of the big picture.


    Character forged at our first jobs in factories, restaurants, day-cares, or delivering the daily paper stay with us for the rest of our lives. We may have felt underpaid and unappreciated, but we learned. Those early positions helped shape us into who we’ve become. And we’re much the better for that shaping in the crucible of service. It contributed greatly to our present success.


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  2. Standing Out on Your Own Merit

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    Remember the brilliant business man or woman who caught your attention? What stood out about him? What did she do or say that reined in your focus? Regardless of what is reported, we’re all climbing the ladder. And being remembered when the opportunity is available is our goal. We want to stand out on our own merits – on what we can bring to the table. Those at and near the top did something that caused them to be remembered when being remembered was important to their career. So what were some of those things they were able to do? If we can learn from other people’s mistakes, we can surely learn from their successes.

    • First impressions stay with us. For a long time. And as the saying goes: “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” We must present ourselves as having unique value that will make a positive impression. And packaging is important. Dress sharp. Speak clearly and provide proof of your expertise.
    • Focus, focus, focus. Avoid being a “jack of all trades and master of none.” Stay focused on the target subject. Keep your eye on the goal. Know your stuff. Be so good, Steve Martin said, that they can’t ignore you.
    • Have a trademark. Step out of the ordinary. Stand out of the herd. Make someone think there’s no one quite like you. Be sincere and classy and unique.
    • Be consistent in making your contribution. It’s a rare trait. State who you are and what you provide, and then deliver. Impress everyone by keeping your word.
    • Share the shine. Bring co-workers alongside and up. Acknowledge another’s role in the success. Extend genuine interest in others.
    • Be an expert in your select field. In his book, Getting the Right Things Right, Charlie Hedges uses an interesting statistic: If you read on one subject for one hour a day every day for a year, you’ll be an expert on that subject. If you read on one subject for one hour a day every day for five years, you’ll be in the top 2% of experts in the world on that subject. Be that expert, and you’ll have no trouble standing out on your own merits.
    • Be positive. Keep your smile. Share your smile. Can-do people tend to be optimistic folk. Make your significant impact with a pleasant attitude. You can be certain that will help you stand out of the crowd.


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