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  1. On Being the Person You Want to Work With

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    Co-workers can make or break our days. Their attitude affects ours. The negative ones can dampen our spirit, and the positive ones spread their sunshine, warming everyone. We each choose our attitude, and we can, with mental and inner strength, overcome the bad attitudes of our office or crew mates. So what can you do to be the person you want to work with? Culver-Newlin provides office furniture to make your workspace comfortable and efficient, and we offer these tips on how to become the person you – and others – want to work with every day.

    • Be approachable. Are you friendly? The genuine rush of warmth that comes with being acknowledged goes a long way in promoting camaraderie among co-workers. You’re busy, yes, but lift your head, stop your work, and give your attention when someone walks into your workspace. Smile. Address the person by name. If you can’t attend to the issue at the moment, give assurance that you will at the earliest opportunity, and build trust by following up on your word. Interruptions, rather than being frustrations, can become occasions of teambuilding. Be friendly. Let your co-worker walk away thinking, “I really like this guy!” It’s worth the effort in being the person you want to work with.
    • Be consistent. Be there. Let your teammates know you can be counted on to carry your weight and share the load. Talk about trust-building! Consistently doing your part, day in and day out, reveals your self-discipline and creates trust – and opportunity for advancement. And when you share the load to the successful completion of a project, share the recognition of a job well done. Acknowledge all the input of others on the team. Appreciate their contributions. Let your co-workers walk away thinking, “It’s an honor to work alongside her!” It’s worth the effort in being the person you want to work with.
    • Be balanced. Work projects have priority. But so do people. Be fun to work with. Laughter makes any job go light. Ask questions. Listen to the response. Be all there. Adjust. Adapt. A pleasant work atmosphere and experience is enjoyed by all when everyone is made to feel valuable and vital to the end result. Let your co-workers congratulate themselves that you are part of the team. It’s worth the effort in being the person you want to work with.


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  2. In the Pursuit of Excellence

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    What drives you in your pursuit of excellence? Are you just driven to succeed, or do you genuinely pursue excellence? Culver-Newlin understands your desire to consistently improve yourself. We’ve been in the office and classroom furniture business for over fifty years, and the pursuit of excellence continues to drive us as we provide service to our customers in Southern California. We offer these tips to encourage you in your passion to excel. And we congratulate you early on reaching your goal.


    Set the stage for a successful day


    • Start your day early. Whether you clear your mind for concentrating on the work at hand, or you assemble your tools of the trade for the first project, those few extra minutes at start of day can give you an edge.
    • Develop organizational skills. Know what you intend to accomplish today, and get after it from the gate. Run like you intend to win at end of day. Prioritize your schedule so that the important projects and meetings and correspondence get done to the best of your ability. Count on interruptions, and don’t let them destroy your day. Adjust after an interruption, and continue with your duties. Weed out unnecessary items that devour your time.
    • Work with the boss. Learn the style of leadership and promote it with your own accomplishments. Cooperation with a successful style of management brings everyone up the ladder in the pursuit of excellence.
    • Build relationships with your colleagues. Support each other – those above you and those who are climbing below you. Show respect for the accomplishments of your co-workers. Listen to others. The listener learns a lot on the climb up. Share the work by delegating, and share the reward. Kudos all around. Teamwork works magic in the pursuit of excellence.
    • Be prepared. Go into presentations with all the data you need and then some. Practice your presentation until you’re relaxed and it flows.
    • Keep your skills sharp. Read constantly in your area of expertise. Take classes that are available in your area or online. Be the best you can be in your pursuit of excellence.
    • Let it go at quitting time. You give it your best while you’re at the office, and when you walk out, leave it there. If brilliance strikes you, write the idea down for tomorrow, and let it – and you – rest. You need the mental and physical downtime, and your family deserves your downtime, too. The pursuit of excellence at work is best served when you get away until tomorrow, or for a well-earned vacation.
    • Recognize that your work is significant. Your pursuit of excellence is a contribution to society. You and your work matter in the big picture. And that’s the truth. When you set the stage for a succession of successful days, those days culminate in a successful life. Yours.


    In our pursuit of excellence, Culver-Newlin continues to provide superb service and premier products to the classrooms and business offices of Southern California. Visit our showroom and distribution center to furnish your school or business. Our team will work with you from start to set-up. For more information, call 949-288-6739. You might as well be sitting in an executive desk chair at an executive desk as you pursue excellence. Call today.