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  1. Caution – Children at Play

    Jan 20, 2016  //  by admin  //  blog  //  No Comments

    “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood,” Fred Rogers told us.  It’s the way young children learn, and play is essential to their early learning experiences. It may look like child’s play to us, but they’re really hard at work. The old neighborhood street signs warning motorists: “Caution – children at play” reminds us that they’re doing their best learning at the same time.

    Child’s play ultimately builds adults capable of discovery and innovation. As they play with boxes that turn into rocket ships, who knows of the possibilities being seeded in the young minds?  Building blocks that become towers and tunnels could be the early signs of an engineer in the making. “I’m a fireman” or “I’m a chef” could be prophetic. Who knows the future developments to come out of today’s imagination as children play?


    Hands-off supervision allows kids to safely play in the wonderful world of imagination. And playing together teaches children vital life skills: to lead, to follow, to cooperate, to take turns, to share, to problem-solve, to deal with disagreements and disappointments. Imagination at work during play develops cognitive skills, emotional control, and relieves stress. Active exploration at play encourages perseverance and lengthens attention span.


    Opportunities to learn through play are vital to childhood development. The tools may be chalk on the sidewalk or finger paints, blocks or magnets, trucks and trains, dolls and dress-up, markers and big pads of paper, a doctor’s bag or a kitchen – the tools are as varied as the imagination.  Children at play are building their own future. How exciting is that?!


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  2. New Year – New Trends in Education

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    New Year rolls around and begs us to consider the future, to take a natural and timely look toward tomorrow. And we naturally look behind us, too. Do you remember your first grade teacher? Or the instructor who showed genuine interest in your learning progress? Education is the very foundation of our society, and as a society, we’re continually searching for ways to improve the education experience. It’s a new year, and Culver-Newlin presents these new trends in education.

    • iPads – a device that has become both a fun and effective learning tool
    • ebooks – electronic textbooks offer a less expensive alternative for school books
    • whiteboards – transform into chalkboards for the class when connected to an instructor’s computer
    • email assignments and info sharing – mobile devices make for photo sharing and out-of-the-classroom projects
    • online learning – teachers train for lesson communication online and to evaluate student learning levels


    And all this for elementary students! Kids and technology go together like peas and carrots. Is this the wave of the future of education that we’re riding today? Maybe. Obviously. Yet consider this…


    When kids are exposed to advanced technology along with the traditional skills that include hands-on learning, they learn at a faster pace, they’re better motivated, and they tend to grasp concepts quicker. Students learn best with the efficient combination of today-future and past educational tools.


    Consider online tutoring. The student is able to receive instruction anytime, anywhere from skilled educators. But who doesn’t recall the teacher who guided the hands of students exactly so until the skill was achieved? And no one underestimates the encouragement from an instructor, online or in the classroom.


    Today’s technology in the classroom is the forward impetus toward the future of education. While we recognize the power of this wave, let’s continue to incorporate the successful traditions of the past, as well. Together these two are a dynamic learning combo, indeed. It’s a New Year. New trends in education are exciting, aren’t they?!


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