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  1. Personal Productivity on the Rise

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    Lunch breaks should be just that – a break in your work day for something to eat, to refresh yourself, mind and body. A time-out, a time off, a down-time for your thoughts to unwind, to get a bite of food, and to get back to work renewed. The break allows your thoughts to rejuvenate, your body to refuel, and you take a breather from the job. To face the rest of the workday back on target. A break will put your personal productivity on the rise for the rest of the day.

    Some employees take advantage of the lunch break to run errands, walk in a park, sit and read a book, catch-up with co-workers and friends, or take a nap. Some people even actually eat lunch. Whatever turns your mind toward thoughts other than work at lunch time works in your favor and encourages the rise of personal productivity for the rest of the day.


    Some employees use their lunch break to promote their personal productivity in other ways. These are on the prowl, hungry for promotion. They see this time as opportunity to brainstorm with co-workers regarding new direction. Eating together and discussing ideas can lead to amazing discoveries and broadening perspectives. Some employees spend the lunch hour reading articles about their industry. Charlie Hedges, in his book Getting the Right Things Right, states that if a person reads for one hour on one subject every day for one year, that person becomes an expert on that subject. If someone reads on one subject for one hour a day for five years, he is in the top 2% of experts on that subject in the world. Incentive for reading on your industry over the lunch break? Personal productivity on the rise, indeed.


    Whether you literally take a lunch break, or work off the clock during the lunch hour, either activity can increase your personal productivity. Culver-Newlin applauds your choice. And when you’re ready to update your office furniture, or the furniture throughout your business, check out our showroom and distribution center for the finest quality furnishings in Southern California.


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  2. Learning Centers That Keep Kids Interested

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    Learning centers that keep kids interested are a vital part of the preschool and early education experience. Hands-on activities draw youngsters’ attention and encourage them to learn through focused fun. So which learning centers do you incorporate into your classroom space? Culver-Newlin provides these helpful ideas for setting up learning centers that keep kids interested.

    • Art Learning Center – using a variety of materials, textures, and mediums, an art center provides your young students a creative outlet, helps develop fine motor skills, and taps into talents perhaps as yet unrecognized. Kids experience paints, drawing, crafts, ceramics, glue, paper…the ingredients of an art learning center can be renewed and refreshed regularly to keep kids interested.
    • Music Learning Centerallows kids to experiment with simple instruments and sounds of music. The level of creativity can surprise even a veteran instructor when kids explore musical instruments and rhythm. And this becomes an energy outlet as they move and dance and sing to the sounds they produce.
    • Sand and Water Learning Center – Hands-in, sensory, and calming, this learning center encourages kids to explore their senses as they enjoy creating in water and sand.
    • Dramatic Play Center this learning center is as widely varied as their imagination, and kids love this area. Role play opportunities abound as kids learn of careers, other cultures, and enjoy being “adult”. Or a storybook creature or princess or explorer. The creativity and self-expression that erupts here is fun for teacher and student together.
    • Literacy Learning Center – this learning center might be positioned off to itself to promote quiet and concentration as kids discover the delights of books and reading, the tools of writing, and the joy of comprehending the magic combinations of letters and words and sounds. The subject materials in this learning center are as wide as the world outside, keeping kids interested and coming back for more. And the skills you foster here are those that shape the continued success of your students in school and throughout their lifetime.
    • Nature and Science Learning Center – ah, the exploration center where discoveries occur that challenge the mind of young students. Bring the outdoors inside. Let them grasp concepts of weather and outer space and the various environments. Simple science experiments can draw wide-eyed wonder into children’s lives.
    • Math Learning Center make math fun for the young with counting and numbers and sorting and stacking. Here problem solving can literally become child’s play.


    Learning centers that keep kids interested foster curiosity and build comprehension. Fascination is fed, exploration is encouraged, and discovery is in the design. Self-expression is supervised and the joy of learning is in the play.


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