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  1. Atmosphere and Attitude Meet in the Workplace

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    Work is work, and that is that. But there are things that companies can do to make the workplace pleasant and allow employees to appreciate their jobs and employers above the average workplace and boss. Culver-Newlin, the premier office furniture distribution center in Southern California, provides these tips for improving atmosphere and attitude in the workplace.


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    Everyone acknowledges that office furniture that fits makes the workplace a more comfortable place to be for eight hours each day. Consider replacing tired office furnishings with

    • New desks – the physical benefits are immediate. Ergonomic desks allow office personnel to stand, protecting from the health risks associated with long hours seated at a desk.
    • New chairs – ergonomic desk chairs provide a great alternative to the chairs employees love to hate. Replace these with ones that adjust for personal comfort and fit.
    • New conference tables – the quality of your office tables represent the level of business quality and success. Handsome, substantial meeting tables reveal the forward progress of your business.
    • New technology hub – ensure maximum efficiency with the latest technological equipment. Focus purchase attention on office productivity. Invest in up-to-date monitors, printers, projectors, and speaker systems for your business.
    • New office furnishings – de-cluttered desks make for more productive employees. Add attractive bookcases, cabinets, and efficient storage spaces to your office.
    • New décor – dreary décor doesn’t make for a pleasant work space. Spruce up the office with stylish pieces that reflect the business’ status and attitude. Bright and bold sets a forward mood.
    • New break room – is the break room a place where employees can sit down, put their feet up, and relax a bit? Is it a welcoming area, employee-friendly? Down time in comfortable surroundings make for appreciative, rejuvenated, productive office personnel. Comfy chairs, tables, and other appropriate furnishings can make a break room.


    Culver-Newlin knows that atmosphere and attitude meet in the workplace. We have been selling and setting up school and office furniture for over 50 years. Our family-owned and operated showroom and distribution center houses everything you need to freshen and revive your office with new and quality furniture. Our sales team and design staff will assist you in space planning, product selection, delivery and installation, all while staying within your budget. Call Culver-Newlin today at 949-288-6739, or visit us online. Contact us today to set up your new, employee-friendly office.

  2. Tips for Setting Up the Fun-Learning Classroom Combo

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    When your students step into the classroom, what do they see? What do they sense? Is their interest piqued? Do they feel welcome? Are they drawn in? You can put their apprehensions to rest with your warm presence and by having a fun-learning classroom combo. Culver-Newlin has been in the school furniture business for over 50 years and provides these tips for setting up your classroom to invite students into a fun-learning environment.

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    • Plan your work – sketch the classroom you want. Where will you place tables and learning centers and bulletin boards and storage space within the space you have?
    • Divide and conquer – do you plan to separate the reading center with a rug and bookcases for a quiet area? Will the Sand and Water learning center be marked off with plants or a screen? What will the lighting be for the various learning areas? Is the activity space large enough for the kids to move around when they need to let off some steam? Promote attractive bulletin boards to indicate a variety of learning centers. Are you using round, u-shaped, and rectangular table as workspaces in the various settings?
    •  Comfy kids are happy kids – thick, cushy rugs and bean bag chairs and fat pillows make for comfy areas where your students can learn. Chairs and tables that fit youngsters work magic in a classroom. A comfortable learning situation allows the attention to be on the subject and activity instead of the student fidgeting to find a comfy position.
    • Include unique learning spaces – How about a log cabin for a reading center? Could you have a mock-up of the space shuttle for exploring outer space? What about a tent for an environmental learning center? Or a low tree-house for learning about the jungles? Your imagination is their inspiration.
    • Arrange and rearrange the classroom setting until you’re satisfied with the resulting floor plan and flow for your purpose. Will each student be able to view every presentation? With safety in mind, will electrical cords be out of the walkways and the walkway to the exit uninhibited?

    Following these tips while adding delightful sprinklings that reflect your own teaching style and personality will result in setting up your fun-learning classroom combo that draws your students into the educational environment you’ve created for them. After all, that’s the goal, right? Culver-Newlin congratulates you on reaching your goal.

    Culver-Newlin is your Southern California headquarters for everything you need to furnish and set up your fun-learning classroom combo. We stock our showroom and distribution center in Corona with the highest quality and latest furnishings for learning and play centers and rugs, storage spaces, general purpose tables, stacking chairs, and all you need for your classroom.

    Culver-Newlin is well-known for our customer service. Take advantage of our sales team and design staff – we’ll help you with space planning and product selection. Delivery and set-up is included with your purchase. Call 949-288-6739 for more information, or visit us online. Culver-Newlin, your partner in setting up your fun-learning classroom combo. Contact us today.