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  1. Is Your Eye in the Corner Office with Windows?

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    Climbing the corporate ladder requires cat-like agility – and a strategy for making it to the top. Culver-Newlin provides these questions for consideration when your eye is on the corner office with windows.


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      1.     What do you want?                                                                                                                                                                                                              

     Successful people have a strategy for getting where they want to go. Sitting in that corner office will become reality as you follow your game plan to your desired location. Know the ladder steps you must climb and don’t skip a single one on the way up.

    2.     What are the resources you can tap?

    Discover everything you can about the corporate ladder you’re climbing. Dig deep into the company and the position you want to reach – and what it will take to get there. Learn from everyone around you to gain multiple points of view. Take advantage of mentoring – with expressed gratitude.

    3.     What are your reasons?

    The corner office won’t be enough to satisfy your ladder-climbing drive if you’re after it for the wrong reasons. So what are the right reasons? Where do you stand regarding these rungs to the top?

    • Dedication to the cause, company, co-workers, and product
    • Determination to make a difference within your sphere of influence and beyond
    • To retire with a sense of genuine life accomplishment


    4.  What do you have to offer?

    Sit down and list your strengths:

    • Are you a visionary who sees the end from the beginning?
    • Are you in for the long haul – willing to stick it out from the beginning to the end?
    • Can you clarify and share the vision with co-workers?
    • Can you motivate your co-workers when the project gets bogged down?
    • Are you a successful networker, reaching out to others for strength and skill and support?
    • Are you an “ever-learner”? – willing both to teach and be taught?
    • Do you see achievement through assistance as success?
    • Are you a successful promoter of the cause, the case – and  yourself?
    • Are you willing and able to share the credit?


    Every ladder-climber understands that when the climb gets tough, or even side-tracked for a time, the goal must stand the test of the climb. Organized, focused effort can get you where you want to go. Keep your eye on the corner office with windows.

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    And when you move into that coveted corner office, Culver-Newlin is here to help you furnish it like a boss. Serving Southern California businesses and schools for over 50 years, providing the latest, high-quality furniture for the modern, ergonomic workplace and classroom, we live the drive to succeed in business by providing you with excellent customer service. Call Culver-Newlin today at 949-288-6739, or visit us online. We stock everything you need and want to set up your corner office with windows in style with class. And congratulations on climbing the ladder. You’ve earned your place at the top.

  2. Why Should Parents Be Involved in Their Child’s Education?

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    Parental involvement is a key component in the success of a child’s development and education. Key component. A vital part. Parents are still the primary influence in the lives of their children. Learning occurs at its highest levels when parents are involved in the child’s education. So how does a school or teacher engage parents in their children’s learning? How do we make parents feel welcome and comfortable with that involvement? Culver-Newlin provides these tips on encouraging parental support in the classroom and the education of their children.


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    • Invite parents to come along on field trips. Who can’t use a couple extra hands or pairs of eyes to keep kids corralled on field trips?
    • Ask parents to provide classroom supplies for special projects. This cooperation draws parents into the effort and gives them a feeling of being included.
    • Nurturing partnerships with parents makes a team of everyone, draws strengths from unexpected sources, and provides resources that can’t be purchased.



    Parental participation is crucial in every phase of their children’s lives. Encouraging parents to be intimately involved in the daily education of their children moves classroom education toward excellence. And a delightful circle evolves. The happier parents are with their child’s instructor and school, the more involved they’re willing to become. And the more involved the parents are, the higher the grades, the more regular the attendance, the more consistently homework is returned complete, the more positive the student’s attitude and conduct, and the positives continue to tabulate upward.


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    As a teacher, your goal is to help kids gain the skills necessary to empower them to become the best they can be at every stage of their lives. Your goal is lofty and attainable. Enlist the aid of the parents. Everyone will reap the benefits of teamwork – you, as the teacher, receive assistance, the children recognize the involvement of their parents, and the school garners the support of the community. And the parents are involved in their child’s education. Everybody wins. And you made it happen. Congratulations on a job well done.


    At Culver-Newlin, we understand the satisfaction of a job well done and effort rewarded. We’ve been serving the Southern California educational community for over 50 years, providing high quality furniture for the classroom and complete furnishings for schools and businesses. Whether you need traditional pieces or innovative, contemporary designs, Culver-Newlin has what you need from the basics to the options and extras.


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