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  1. Above and Beyond – Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

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    Are you looking for a promotion on the job? You’ll have to work for it, most likely. And there are tricks to the trade, so to speak, but they’re really work, too. There is actually an insider secret to getting ahead in the work place. Culver-Newlin, with over 50 years as a top-of-the-line school and office furniture business, provides you with this secret. Two powerful words: energy and commitment. Going above and beyond. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

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    Answer these questions to discover if you have the energy and commitment a promotion requires:


    • Are you doing your current job to the best of your ability? Being willing to excel today and every day until the promotion comes your way is the way to get the promotion. Perform to the top of your ability and you’ll get noticed, you can be assured. Top performers stand out among the average 9-to-5 job mentality workers.
    • Are you expending effort to get ahead? Take initiative and expand your level of skill and education for the job you want. Keep up with innovative products and procedures that have bearing on the job at hand and the one ahead. Go online for more information about the company and business. Know the answers when questions arise during meetings. Showing genuine interest goes a long way in making an impression.
    • Are you committed to the cause? Someone who participates with enthusiasm and intelligence adds value to any organization. Team effort is noticed. Being involved in projects to successful completion gains you credit. And builds camaraderie among your co-workers. And supports the company in reaching its projected objectives. Oh, and all this helps you get that promotion.
    • Are you a life-time learner? Taking steps to continue your education show initiative and intelligence. Taking online courses or classes at the local college that will bolster your résumé will prove that you’re a go-getter to those who are considering you for promotion.
    • Do you volunteer in the community or for company causes? “Giving back to the community” is the mantra of the day and a worthy effort. And it takes both energy and commitment.


    Above and beyond – these tips will help you gauge yourself and your energy and commitment levels at work in anticipation of a promotion. “Rank hath its privileges” the saying goes, and it also has its responsibilities. Major on fulfilling the responsibilities and the privileges will come naturally.


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  2. Making A Difference in the Classroom

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    Questions and creativity go together like peas and carrots in the classroom. When learning experiences result in questions and creativity, the result is long-term in benefit. Purposeful play as a learning experience is making a difference in the early childhood classroom.


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    Learning centers that encourage questions and creativity also encourage critical thinking. And thinking is an art-form that improves with practice, just as any artist perfects his craft with repetition. Early childhood is the time of greatest brain activity; it’s also the prime time for presenting challenging learning opportunities – and making a difference in the classroom.

    Watch comprehension flood little faces as small hands participate in education through learning centers that encourage questions and creativity:

    • Hands-on experiments that explore engineering and construction with building materials
    • Math games that introduce number theories through fun concepts
    • Books and pictures that invite examination and discussion
    • Art centers stocked with do-it-yourself materials for exploration and discovery
    • Nature centers for growing plants and reaping harvest

    Prepare to be amazed yourself with the resulting extent of comprehension taking place in young minds as they explore life and learning through their senses and the materials you’ve gathered for them to touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. Learning happens as you answer their questions and channel their creativity.

    Planning ahead is a crucial key to making a difference in the classroom. Nurture inquisitive minds and enduring learning skills through hands-on, exploratory education. Building positive learning experiences for your young students positions them to view future educational opportunities as fun, preparing them for a lifetime of learning pleasure. Is there anything more rewarding than this? Congratulations on making a difference in your classroom!

    Culver-Newlin has been making a difference in the classroom for over 50 years. Providing the latest in high quality school and office furniture to Southern California schools and businesses, we have furthered education with the finest of furnishings for students and educators alike. Visit our showroom and distribution center to discover the latest and the best furnishings for your early childhood learning centers and classrooms. Our sales team and design staff are ready to assist you in choice, space usage, and set-up, helping you stay within your budget while acquiring the best products available.

    For more information, call Culver-Newlin at 949-288-6739 or visit us online. We’re proud of our outstanding customer service record and the privilege of helping you make a difference in the classroom. Together we can make that positive impact by promoting the questions and creativity that develop young minds and implant the driving desire to learn throughout a lifetime. Contact Culver-Newlin today.