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  1. Affecting Student Achievement – Making School Effective

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    Which factors affect student achievement and make your school an effective learning center? You might be surprised at the findings. Culver-Newlin, providing the finest in quality school furniture for over 50 years, provides you with these conclusions for helping to shape a successful educational facility.

    school success strategies

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    1. Effective educational practices. We all can recall our favorite teacher, the one who inspired us to learn, who was patient, who had a way of presenting information that allowed it to sink in for us to grasp and retain. Who promoted student involvement in the classroom. Who found that student involvement in hands-on learning activities that have real-life meaning promote understanding and grasp of knowledge. Who understood that question-and-answer sessions encourage the grasp and retention of knowledge. Who gave homework assignments with real-life application to further deepen the learning experience. The teacher who expected more out of us than we thought we were capable of doing, yet we discovered that we could, indeed, do what was called for. Who changed our lives, even if just a little bit, for the better, because the teaching took root. This kind of education makes for turning out successful learning in the classroom.
    2. Reduced class size. The teacher with a lower student-tally naturally has more time and attention to give to the individual student. Achievement levels climb as student-count in the classroom falls.
    3. Facility conditions. It’s been proven that students can learn in less-than-desirable surroundings when the teacher is passionate about imparting knowledge so that the students learn. Also proven is the fact that building conditions affect student learning. The nicer the facility, the newer the building, the higher the learning curve. Building improvements improve scholastic achievement.
    4. Family involvement. When family support for the school system and family availability to the student are present, educational achievement rises. Parents are a great source of help to the teacher in the classroom, and support for special projects and activities, providing better learning opportunities.


    Research has found that effective teaching styles, smaller class size, up-to-date school buildings, and family involvement result in better academic achievement, better attendance records, lower drop-out rates, and more positive student attitudes. Affecting student achievement and making your school an effective learning center could be as simple as applying these findings at your facility. And Culver-Newlin is here to help you do just that.


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  2. Pulling Peak Performance Out of Your Employees

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    Companies that continue to grow, adapt to changing markets, improve product and production, and stay competitive using the latest innovations have a corner on success. All the while, your work force is your best resource. How do you maximize employee participation? Culver-Newlin provides you with these tips on pulling peak performance out of your employees.

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    • Location, location, location. The more effort it takes your staff to get to work, the less energy they have to put into their day. Long and difficult commutes drain both mood and attitude. Employees who live in close proximity to the workplace arrive fresh and energized, ready to put their best into the workday.
    • Space in the workplace. Roomy work areas make for better productivity on the job. And well-equipped, well-lit, safe, pleasant, comfortable work spaces evoke positive effects on the work force which in turn performs better and claims higher job satisfaction.
    • Clean over clutter.  Clutter proves to be a stressful distraction to employees. Filing cabinets, storage spaces, sufficient shelving, and even desk drawers make for a tidier and more efficient and productive work space. Having the necessary equipment, the right tools, and up-to-date technology resources make for a proficient, well-run business.
    • Cooperation up the ladder. Cooperation between management and staff keeps stress down and motivation and productivity up. Clarity of role and responsibility within the company, motivation that inspires enthusiasm, and shared objectives and expectations enthuse the workforce with confidence to meet deadlines as a team. Incentives that reward hard-working employees and trust in the motives of management build commitment for both company and personnel.


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