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What Does It Take to Build Your Business?

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Are you sitting, staring out the office window, wondering what it takes to build your business? You started at the gun, running out of the chute in fine form, and have stayed in the race, but the momentum has slowed, and the growth is mediocre. Do you wonder if you need to improve your product line? Do you wonder if your employees are giving their best? Are you hoping the magic solution will somehow present itself? Culver-Newlin has a suggestion for you – go back to the gate. Return to your first love: Sales. Isn’t that how you started your business?


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The heart of all sustained business growth is sales. McDonald’s does it. Ford does it. Neiman-Marcus does it. Natural Foods does it. Avon does it. Selling is the lifeline of business, big and small. Sales build your business. So how much time are you giving to sales?


Is yours a start-up business? Sales should be scheduled in as the majority of your day. And start bright and early. If your business is up and running, mark in 2-3 hours daily to get out there and find new customers. Start early. Sell first. There’s nothing more important. You started the business. You know what it takes to build your business. Get out there. Get at it. Get it done.


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People and other businesses need your product. They’re looking for the right contact. Find them and sign them up. Success is a process – a process of walking in and pitching your product. And success comes as you keep at it. Everyone is a potential customer. Opportunity awaits your contact. And small wins add up. Remember: sales go up as you go out and make them.


When your passion is to do whatever it takes to build your business, you’ll get it done. Reach for every opportunity and SALE on. That is exactly how Culver-Newlin has built success in the school and office furniture business.


Culver-Newlin is a family-owned and operated business that has made providing our customers with excellent service and quality products our passion for over 50 years. Visit our showroom and distribution center for the latest in school and office furnishings. We’ll work with you every step from choice to set-up and all within your budget. We know that selling a great product and supporting our customers with great service is what it takes to build a business. Call 949-288-6739 or visit us online for more information.

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