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Are You Cut From Teacher-Cloth?

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Ask anyone and he or she will vividly recall a favorite teacher. The one who sparked the love of math or chemistry. The one who introduced the magic of words that opened the world through books. The one who drew out the ability no one else recognized as being within. The second grade teacher who had infinite patience and a humped back from bending down to little desks, helping little students form letters with big awkward pencils. The instructor with an ear that heard the sweet clear voice in choir and gave the singer wings.


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Culver-Newlin provides the following characteristics found in the best of teachers to discover for yourself if you’re cut from teacher-cloth. No one has all the traits. But as you read, you’ll recognize the abilities within that can become world-class teacher-cloth – and you may well be cut from it.


Individuals cut from teacher-cloth are a special breed. No question. These brave souls can be the first interaction a child has with authority. The first person to corral energy and direct it toward hands-on learning. To teach the concepts of fair-play and turn-taking and the breath-taking awe of the solar system. To infuse souls with the thrill of life-long learning. What makes this special breed tick? What enables them to effectively spend their days shaping the clay of little hearts and minds into future doctors and daddies and day-care providers who will, in turn, shape the clay of still other hearts and minds?


  1. Passion.  Teacher-cloth teachers love what they do and recognize they’re making an early difference in lives. They’re motivated by the opportunity to instill knowledge and broaden horizons for these little ones with upturned faces. Challenges are met with steady hand and spirit and smile. These teachers love to teach.
  2. Perseverance. The teacher’s day is unpredictable and sometimes downright zany, especially when the students are elementary-age. The teacher-cloth instructor recognizes when structure must be set aside for the unexpected intrusions. Adjustments are the ever-present Plan B. Discipline doesn’t disappear, it merely moves aside for the moment. And everything is back on track when the time is right and the distractions are overcome.
  3. Patient. Teacher-cloth teachers have patience with little rascals, with the shy student, with the easily-distracted ones, with those for whom learning is easy and those for whom learning is toil. And with pushy parents or picky parents. These tests strengthen this teacher’s resolve to do the very best that can be done to direct and focus eager minds and energized bodies toward the prize of learning. And to reassure parents that their child is, indeed, earning the learning prize. Small victories add up throughout the days and months and years for this teacher. And no one forgets the patience of the teacher.
  4. Personality. The teacher-cloth teacher has the right personality for dealing with new students, misbehaving students, and the mistreated child. Approachable, eye-level, comfortable with his or herself and so comfortable with others, one to whom laughter comes easy, who has high expectations for the students – and helps each one reach for those heights. Positive and friendly. Creative with a vivid imagination of things that could be. One who discovers a personal method that works and works that method to perfection. Who knows that involved students are busy students, and busy students are better-behaved students. An encourager extraordinaire. One who sings praises when praise-singing is in order. Who claps hands and smiles – a lot. Whose influence lingers for life.
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School teachers aren’t angels. Then again, they may be. And we certainly remember the ones we thought came close. If you’re wondering if you’re teacher-cloth cut, Culver-Newlin encourages you to find out. You may very well be the teacher every one of your students remembers long after they’re gone from your classroom.


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