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A “Farmer’s Almanac” of Predictions for Business Success

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Many devour the Farmer’s Almanac as the Bible, believing everything it contains. Gardeners and farmers and people looking ahead to each season scour its pages for an edge of information. Culver-Newlin provides you with these predictions for business success. These tips will stand the test of time, enabling you to build a head of steam for getting ahead in the workplace.


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  1. Successful networking prepares the ground for breaking into new areas or for gaining ground where you are now.  “Reach out and touch someone.” Tap your peers and superiors for assistance in climbing the ladder. Then when the sun shines on the seeds you’ve sown, you can reap rich from your network strategy.
  2. Stay abreast of shifting trends. When the winds of people’s needs and desires change direction, adjust your product lines to coincide and fill your sails, uh, sales. For long range success, keep your business line aligned with the purchasing trends of your customers.
  3. Remember that customer service is the heartbeat and bottom line of business success. People need, and so people shop. And they prefer to buy from friendly, accommodating sales personnel. The old adage that the customer is always right remains the mantra of the successful business. Customer service is classy, classic, and friendly, and forecasts a bright outlook for your company. Don’t discount it.
  4. Provide value to your customers. Quality products and services are non-negotiable for successful business. Bang for the buck can’t be beat. Everyone is looking for it. Provide it without fail and you’ll be planting your business in perfect conditions for growth.
  5. Shine in your chosen field of business.
  • Have a reputation for integrity.
  • Be a company of team-workers with exuberant energy.
  • Pick the brains of each employee.
  • Find solutions for customer complaints.
  • Benefit by learning from mistakes.
  • Acknowledge and reward workers who stand out in the office.
  • Build hard work and perseverance into every project.
  • Follow your passion with creativity.


Taken together, these tips provide the right conditions for growing business success.


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