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Are Potential Customers Aware of Your Business?

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Marketing never stops. So what’s your marketing strategy? A concise marketing plan to make potential customers aware of your business and services by fostering interest, closing new sales, and keeping those customers coming back for more is vital to the furthering of your business. Culver-Newlin, successfully in business for over 50 years, provides you with these marketing tools for building your company.


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  1. The lifeblood of every business is the Referral Plan. Hammer this one out and put it into play. Have a clear, written provision for what the company does when referrals come in. Will you take a respectable percentage off the price of your products? Will you have a cash-back policy? Make the amount worth someone’s effort. Remember that word-of-mouth is the best advertising. Make contact with local businesses that have connections in some way with yours. Explain how they can help their clients by providing leads to continued services. For example, if they do siding, you can replace the windows. Make the deal sweet enough they’ll be happy to refer their customers to you.
  2. Provide educational Brochures to your clients. Print up brochures, and have plenty on hand, to give to everyone who walks in the door or asks, “And what do you do?” Eye-catching, interest-holding, clearly-worded brochures are effective spokespersons for your company. Concisely describe the business you’re in, the services you provide, and why you’re different from and superior to your competitors. Make these brochures personal to the client and the area you serve. Professionally produced, these are a great asset to you and your business.
  3. Reach new customers and keep in contact with previous clients with a Newsletter. Printed and distributed quarterly, packed with educational information about your business and services, newsletters build your reputation as a knowledgeable and at-hand professional. They’ll keep your company in the minds of those you’ve served in the past, and present you to those you’ve not previously reached.
  4. Go where the potential clients go: Social Media Marketing. Today, most clients looking for services simply Google for information. Be on top of SEO for your business. Keep your website sharp and up-to-date. Implement key words. Get reviews. Take advantage of links from both local and business-related websites. Connect with referral sources on Facebook and LinkedIn and join groups that are about your business. Keep an updated Facebook page for your company. Be on Twitter, have a website blog, post educational articles. The opportunities to interact and inform prospects and clients are nearly endless with social media marketing. Take advantage of it all.


Implementing a clear marketing strategy ensures that potential customers are aware of your business and grows your business. Shape your business tactics to attract and keep the clients you need and are designed to serve.


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