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Holding A Mirror Up To Leadership

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What is it in a man or a woman that reveals itself in a following? Why do people follow someone to the ends of the world, so to speak? Why will someone work to exhaustion to help another’s business dream flourish? What goes into making a leader a leader? Culver-Newlin, setting the bar of leadership in the school and office furniture business for over 50 years, provides these guiding principles and character traits of the leader by holding a mirror up to leadership. Perhaps you’ll see someone you recognize. Perhaps you’ll see yourself.


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  1. When surveying the forest, don’t miss the trees. The workforce is made up of individuals. Each person has hopes and fears, pleasures and pressures. Each person has the right to be treated with respect and consideration. Leaders must be people-readers, discerning how to interact with each one. Some people are the rough-and-ready type, while others need guided with a gentle style. Drawing the team into a well-working force is the accomplishment of a leader.
  2. Pick only the cream of the crop. Build your team of the best the resume stack has to offer. Make perfect position-fit choices. The right people in the right slots do their best work for the team. The leader has an eye for right-fit people.
  3. Sing the praises of your people. Let the whole office know when someone’s performed well. Everyone is inspired to do top-level work under the knowledge that anyone can receive appreciation and kudos for hard work and a job well done.
  4. Incorporate the proverbial sugar rather than vinegar. Persuade with explanations rather than issue orders. Take the time to share the vision of what the team is working for and why. Leaders are able to sell the idea clearly and concisely.
  5. Share the responsibility for success. Leaders trust the team they’ve built. Identifying and capitalizing on strengths promotes productivity and pride in the work accomplished. When we pull together and pool our abilities, there’s no end to what can be done. A leader delegates when  potential is recognized. Shared success is sweet success.
  6. Trust is a two-way street. A leader able to trust the team’s loyalty and support and work ethic is rich in workforce. And the team that can rest in the leader’s integrity, ethical behavior, and commitment to the team are fortunate, indeed. This leader earns the right to lead. Hard work and exceptional results come out of this lineup.
  7. Finding a calm port in a storm. When the going is rough, the leader remains calm and collected. Working together in the trenches is the leader’s method of operation. And creativity shines out of the dark when the team is boxed in and needs an out. The leader takes advantage of the collective brain power of the workforce assembled and implements brilliant ideas that are presented. The leader is also able to follow gut instinct to go in a different direction when that is needed. During tough times, humor breaks the hold and brings the energy level up. Morale lifts and light shines again. Everyone needs a break when the going is hard, and the leader is swift to use humor.


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