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  1. A “Farmer’s Almanac” of Predictions for Business Success

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    Many devour the Farmer’s Almanac as the Bible, believing everything it contains. Gardeners and farmers and people looking ahead to each season scour its pages for an edge of information. Culver-Newlin provides you with these predictions for business success. These tips will stand the test of time, enabling you to build a head of steam for getting ahead in the workplace.


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    1. Successful networking prepares the ground for breaking into new areas or for gaining ground where you are now.  “Reach out and touch someone.” Tap your peers and superiors for assistance in climbing the ladder. Then when the sun shines on the seeds you’ve sown, you can reap rich from your network strategy.
    2. Stay abreast of shifting trends. When the winds of people’s needs and desires change direction, adjust your product lines to coincide and fill your sails, uh, sales. For long range success, keep your business line aligned with the purchasing trends of your customers.
    3. Remember that customer service is the heartbeat and bottom line of business success. People need, and so people shop. And they prefer to buy from friendly, accommodating sales personnel. The old adage that the customer is always right remains the mantra of the successful business. Customer service is classy, classic, and friendly, and forecasts a bright outlook for your company. Don’t discount it.
    4. Provide value to your customers. Quality products and services are non-negotiable for successful business. Bang for the buck can’t be beat. Everyone is looking for it. Provide it without fail and you’ll be planting your business in perfect conditions for growth.
    5. Shine in your chosen field of business.
    • Have a reputation for integrity.
    • Be a company of team-workers with exuberant energy.
    • Pick the brains of each employee.
    • Find solutions for customer complaints.
    • Benefit by learning from mistakes.
    • Acknowledge and reward workers who stand out in the office.
    • Build hard work and perseverance into every project.
    • Follow your passion with creativity.


    Taken together, these tips provide the right conditions for growing business success.


    Culver-Newlin has stood out from our competitors for over 50 years. Our family owned and operated school and office furniture business provides superior service and quality products to our customers in Southern California. Call us today at 949-288-6739. Visit our showroom and distribution center. Our sales team will work with you from furniture choice and space arrangement to delivery and set-up. Our passion is your promise for product-perfect selection and customer service that exceeds your expectations. For more information, visit Culver-Newlin online. Furnish your office or school with the latest in quality furniture. Celebrate your business success!

  2. Are You Cut From Teacher-Cloth?

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    Ask anyone and he or she will vividly recall a favorite teacher. The one who sparked the love of math or chemistry. The one who introduced the magic of words that opened the world through books. The one who drew out the ability no one else recognized as being within. The second grade teacher who had infinite patience and a humped back from bending down to little desks, helping little students form letters with big awkward pencils. The instructor with an ear that heard the sweet clear voice in choir and gave the singer wings.


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    Culver-Newlin provides the following characteristics found in the best of teachers to discover for yourself if you’re cut from teacher-cloth. No one has all the traits. But as you read, you’ll recognize the abilities within that can become world-class teacher-cloth – and you may well be cut from it.


    Individuals cut from teacher-cloth are a special breed. No question. These brave souls can be the first interaction a child has with authority. The first person to corral energy and direct it toward hands-on learning. To teach the concepts of fair-play and turn-taking and the breath-taking awe of the solar system. To infuse souls with the thrill of life-long learning. What makes this special breed tick? What enables them to effectively spend their days shaping the clay of little hearts and minds into future doctors and daddies and day-care providers who will, in turn, shape the clay of still other hearts and minds?


    1. Passion.  Teacher-cloth teachers love what they do and recognize they’re making an early difference in lives. They’re motivated by the opportunity to instill knowledge and broaden horizons for these little ones with upturned faces. Challenges are met with steady hand and spirit and smile. These teachers love to teach.
    2. Perseverance. The teacher’s day is unpredictable and sometimes downright zany, especially when the students are elementary-age. The teacher-cloth instructor recognizes when structure must be set aside for the unexpected intrusions. Adjustments are the ever-present Plan B. Discipline doesn’t disappear, it merely moves aside for the moment. And everything is back on track when the time is right and the distractions are overcome.
    3. Patient. Teacher-cloth teachers have patience with little rascals, with the shy student, with the easily-distracted ones, with those for whom learning is easy and those for whom learning is toil. And with pushy parents or picky parents. These tests strengthen this teacher’s resolve to do the very best that can be done to direct and focus eager minds and energized bodies toward the prize of learning. And to reassure parents that their child is, indeed, earning the learning prize. Small victories add up throughout the days and months and years for this teacher. And no one forgets the patience of the teacher.
    4. Personality. The teacher-cloth teacher has the right personality for dealing with new students, misbehaving students, and the mistreated child. Approachable, eye-level, comfortable with his or herself and so comfortable with others, one to whom laughter comes easy, who has high expectations for the students – and helps each one reach for those heights. Positive and friendly. Creative with a vivid imagination of things that could be. One who discovers a personal method that works and works that method to perfection. Who knows that involved students are busy students, and busy students are better-behaved students. An encourager extraordinaire. One who sings praises when praise-singing is in order. Who claps hands and smiles – a lot. Whose influence lingers for life.
    teacher w child

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    School teachers aren’t angels. Then again, they may be. And we certainly remember the ones we thought came close. If you’re wondering if you’re teacher-cloth cut, Culver-Newlin encourages you to find out. You may very well be the teacher every one of your students remembers long after they’re gone from your classroom.


    For over fifty years, Culver-Newlin has supported teachers and education and furnished schools and offices with the finest of furniture. Our showroom and distribution center in Southern California stocks the latest innovations and best quality furnishings for schoolrooms and businesses. Call today and our sales team and design staff will provide you with the attention and information you need for product selection and space planning. We deliver and set up your purchases, working with you and within your budget. We’re proud of our customer service record, and are here to serve you. Contact us online or call 949-288-6739.

  3. What Does It Take to Build Your Business?

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    Are you sitting, staring out the office window, wondering what it takes to build your business? You started at the gun, running out of the chute in fine form, and have stayed in the race, but the momentum has slowed, and the growth is mediocre. Do you wonder if you need to improve your product line? Do you wonder if your employees are giving their best? Are you hoping the magic solution will somehow present itself? Culver-Newlin has a suggestion for you – go back to the gate. Return to your first love: Sales. Isn’t that how you started your business?


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    The heart of all sustained business growth is sales. McDonald’s does it. Ford does it. Neiman-Marcus does it. Natural Foods does it. Avon does it. Selling is the lifeline of business, big and small. Sales build your business. So how much time are you giving to sales?


    Is yours a start-up business? Sales should be scheduled in as the majority of your day. And start bright and early. If your business is up and running, mark in 2-3 hours daily to get out there and find new customers. Start early. Sell first. There’s nothing more important. You started the business. You know what it takes to build your business. Get out there. Get at it. Get it done.


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    People and other businesses need your product. They’re looking for the right contact. Find them and sign them up. Success is a process – a process of walking in and pitching your product. And success comes as you keep at it. Everyone is a potential customer. Opportunity awaits your contact. And small wins add up. Remember: sales go up as you go out and make them.


    When your passion is to do whatever it takes to build your business, you’ll get it done. Reach for every opportunity and SALE on. That is exactly how Culver-Newlin has built success in the school and office furniture business.


    Culver-Newlin is a family-owned and operated business that has made providing our customers with excellent service and quality products our passion for over 50 years. Visit our showroom and distribution center for the latest in school and office furnishings. We’ll work with you every step from choice to set-up and all within your budget. We know that selling a great product and supporting our customers with great service is what it takes to build a business. Call 949-288-6739 or visit us online for more information.

  4. Will Your New School Building Be Ready at Start of the School Year?

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    Seniors who participate in the first graduating class of a new school building hold special place and memories. That first year is always thrilling – everything smells new, gleams and glistens, and students and teachers alike search for that next classroom on the schedule. Plans and preparations that have been in place for years are fully and finally implemented and now you face the beginning of the school year. Will your new school building be ready?



    Furnishing a new school isn’t as complex or costly as might be imagined. Culver-Newlin, furnishing schools and offices for over 50 years, provides you with these tips for making opening day at your new school a success.


    School rooms are bastions of instruction, interaction, and learning. Purchases are aligned with the specific purpose of each room. Resource requirements are gauged by student number, room number, and grade level necessities. How many classrooms, offices, lounges? Furniture for science labs, computer labs, music and multimedia areas, library, cafeteria, outdoor areas, small-child seats, desks, area rugs – the list is long and specific by use for furnishing a new school.

    new library

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    Will newly furnished classrooms require both fixed and mobile chairs, tables, desks, and storage? How many whiteboards?  What’s the number of executive desks and chairs needed to furnish offices? So many decisions….


    Quantity decisions may be revised throughout the planning stages, but you won’t need to question the quality of the furnishing for your new school when you are working with Culver-Newlin. We only stock high quality furniture for schools and offices. We’ll work with your budget, delivery time, special orders, and delivery and set-up schedule. No need to look elsewhere for an established supplier. Culver-Newlin stocks exactly what you need right here in our Southern California showroom and distribution center.


    Call Culver-Newlin at 949-288-6739. We’ll work with you to make sure your school is ready for students and instructors that first day of the new school year. You can be excited, assured that all things are in place on opening day. Culver-Newlin is your partner in education. Contact us today.

  5. Affecting Student Achievement – Making School Effective

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    Which factors affect student achievement and make your school an effective learning center? You might be surprised at the findings. Culver-Newlin, providing the finest in quality school furniture for over 50 years, provides you with these conclusions for helping to shape a successful educational facility.

    school success strategies

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    1. Effective educational practices. We all can recall our favorite teacher, the one who inspired us to learn, who was patient, who had a way of presenting information that allowed it to sink in for us to grasp and retain. Who promoted student involvement in the classroom. Who found that student involvement in hands-on learning activities that have real-life meaning promote understanding and grasp of knowledge. Who understood that question-and-answer sessions encourage the grasp and retention of knowledge. Who gave homework assignments with real-life application to further deepen the learning experience. The teacher who expected more out of us than we thought we were capable of doing, yet we discovered that we could, indeed, do what was called for. Who changed our lives, even if just a little bit, for the better, because the teaching took root. This kind of education makes for turning out successful learning in the classroom.
    2. Reduced class size. The teacher with a lower student-tally naturally has more time and attention to give to the individual student. Achievement levels climb as student-count in the classroom falls.
    3. Facility conditions. It’s been proven that students can learn in less-than-desirable surroundings when the teacher is passionate about imparting knowledge so that the students learn. Also proven is the fact that building conditions affect student learning. The nicer the facility, the newer the building, the higher the learning curve. Building improvements improve scholastic achievement.
    4. Family involvement. When family support for the school system and family availability to the student are present, educational achievement rises. Parents are a great source of help to the teacher in the classroom, and support for special projects and activities, providing better learning opportunities.


    Research has found that effective teaching styles, smaller class size, up-to-date school buildings, and family involvement result in better academic achievement, better attendance records, lower drop-out rates, and more positive student attitudes. Affecting student achievement and making your school an effective learning center could be as simple as applying these findings at your facility. And Culver-Newlin is here to help you do just that.


    Culver-Newlin’s showroom and distribution center located in Southern California is loaded with the finest and latest in school furnishings. Update your school with bright, comfortable, quality innovative furniture for every learning center, office, cafeteria, and all other project furniture needs. Our excellent service staff will provide you the help you need with space planning, product selection, budget quotes, and project management, and we will deliver and set your order in place.


    Contact Culver-Newlin today at 949-288-6739, or visit us online for more information. We’re your partner for success at school.

  6. Pulling Peak Performance Out of Your Employees

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    Companies that continue to grow, adapt to changing markets, improve product and production, and stay competitive using the latest innovations have a corner on success. All the while, your work force is your best resource. How do you maximize employee participation? Culver-Newlin provides you with these tips on pulling peak performance out of your employees.

    company growth

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    • Location, location, location. The more effort it takes your staff to get to work, the less energy they have to put into their day. Long and difficult commutes drain both mood and attitude. Employees who live in close proximity to the workplace arrive fresh and energized, ready to put their best into the workday.
    • Space in the workplace. Roomy work areas make for better productivity on the job. And well-equipped, well-lit, safe, pleasant, comfortable work spaces evoke positive effects on the work force which in turn performs better and claims higher job satisfaction.
    • Clean over clutter.  Clutter proves to be a stressful distraction to employees. Filing cabinets, storage spaces, sufficient shelving, and even desk drawers make for a tidier and more efficient and productive work space. Having the necessary equipment, the right tools, and up-to-date technology resources make for a proficient, well-run business.
    • Cooperation up the ladder. Cooperation between management and staff keeps stress down and motivation and productivity up. Clarity of role and responsibility within the company, motivation that inspires enthusiasm, and shared objectives and expectations enthuse the workforce with confidence to meet deadlines as a team. Incentives that reward hard-working employees and trust in the motives of management build commitment for both company and personnel.


    Call Culver-Newlin in Southern California at 949-288-6739 and we’ll help you create the ideal work environment for your staff. Culver-Newlin has been providing quality furniture for schools and businesses for over 50 years. An effective work force needs the right desks, tables, chairs, dividers, and storage furnishings – and our showroom and distribution center is stocked with what you need for your business success. You hire the best staff and provide an effective work environment furnished by Culver-Newlin – now that’s a winning combination for pulling peak performance out of your employees. Contact Culver-Newlin today.

  7. Above and Beyond – Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

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    Are you looking for a promotion on the job? You’ll have to work for it, most likely. And there are tricks to the trade, so to speak, but they’re really work, too. There is actually an insider secret to getting ahead in the work place. Culver-Newlin, with over 50 years as a top-of-the-line school and office furniture business, provides you with this secret. Two powerful words: energy and commitment. Going above and beyond. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

    young business people

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    Answer these questions to discover if you have the energy and commitment a promotion requires:


    • Are you doing your current job to the best of your ability? Being willing to excel today and every day until the promotion comes your way is the way to get the promotion. Perform to the top of your ability and you’ll get noticed, you can be assured. Top performers stand out among the average 9-to-5 job mentality workers.
    • Are you expending effort to get ahead? Take initiative and expand your level of skill and education for the job you want. Keep up with innovative products and procedures that have bearing on the job at hand and the one ahead. Go online for more information about the company and business. Know the answers when questions arise during meetings. Showing genuine interest goes a long way in making an impression.
    • Are you committed to the cause? Someone who participates with enthusiasm and intelligence adds value to any organization. Team effort is noticed. Being involved in projects to successful completion gains you credit. And builds camaraderie among your co-workers. And supports the company in reaching its projected objectives. Oh, and all this helps you get that promotion.
    • Are you a life-time learner? Taking steps to continue your education show initiative and intelligence. Taking online courses or classes at the local college that will bolster your résumé will prove that you’re a go-getter to those who are considering you for promotion.
    • Do you volunteer in the community or for company causes? “Giving back to the community” is the mantra of the day and a worthy effort. And it takes both energy and commitment.


    Above and beyond – these tips will help you gauge yourself and your energy and commitment levels at work in anticipation of a promotion. “Rank hath its privileges” the saying goes, and it also has its responsibilities. Major on fulfilling the responsibilities and the privileges will come naturally.


    At Culver-Newlin, we go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service to ensure that the office furniture you select serves you with style for years to come. We stock our showroom and distribution center with the finest furniture available for school and office buildings in Southern California. Whether you choose traditional furnishings or the latest for the ergonomic workplace, Culver-Newlin goes above and beyond – assisting you with product selection within your budget, space planning, and delivery with our “set-in-place” pledge.  Call 949-288-6739 today, or visit us online. We’re proud of our commitment to success – both ours, and yours! Contact Culver-Newlin today.

  8. Making A Difference in the Classroom

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    Questions and creativity go together like peas and carrots in the classroom. When learning experiences result in questions and creativity, the result is long-term in benefit. Purposeful play as a learning experience is making a difference in the early childhood classroom.


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    Learning centers that encourage questions and creativity also encourage critical thinking. And thinking is an art-form that improves with practice, just as any artist perfects his craft with repetition. Early childhood is the time of greatest brain activity; it’s also the prime time for presenting challenging learning opportunities – and making a difference in the classroom.

    Watch comprehension flood little faces as small hands participate in education through learning centers that encourage questions and creativity:

    • Hands-on experiments that explore engineering and construction with building materials
    • Math games that introduce number theories through fun concepts
    • Books and pictures that invite examination and discussion
    • Art centers stocked with do-it-yourself materials for exploration and discovery
    • Nature centers for growing plants and reaping harvest

    Prepare to be amazed yourself with the resulting extent of comprehension taking place in young minds as they explore life and learning through their senses and the materials you’ve gathered for them to touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. Learning happens as you answer their questions and channel their creativity.

    Planning ahead is a crucial key to making a difference in the classroom. Nurture inquisitive minds and enduring learning skills through hands-on, exploratory education. Building positive learning experiences for your young students positions them to view future educational opportunities as fun, preparing them for a lifetime of learning pleasure. Is there anything more rewarding than this? Congratulations on making a difference in your classroom!

    Culver-Newlin has been making a difference in the classroom for over 50 years. Providing the latest in high quality school and office furniture to Southern California schools and businesses, we have furthered education with the finest of furnishings for students and educators alike. Visit our showroom and distribution center to discover the latest and the best furnishings for your early childhood learning centers and classrooms. Our sales team and design staff are ready to assist you in choice, space usage, and set-up, helping you stay within your budget while acquiring the best products available.

    For more information, call Culver-Newlin at 949-288-6739 or visit us online. We’re proud of our outstanding customer service record and the privilege of helping you make a difference in the classroom. Together we can make that positive impact by promoting the questions and creativity that develop young minds and implant the driving desire to learn throughout a lifetime. Contact Culver-Newlin today.

  9. Is Your Eye in the Corner Office with Windows?

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    Climbing the corporate ladder requires cat-like agility – and a strategy for making it to the top. Culver-Newlin provides these questions for consideration when your eye is on the corner office with windows.


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      1.     What do you want?                                                                                                                                                                                                              

     Successful people have a strategy for getting where they want to go. Sitting in that corner office will become reality as you follow your game plan to your desired location. Know the ladder steps you must climb and don’t skip a single one on the way up.

    2.     What are the resources you can tap?

    Discover everything you can about the corporate ladder you’re climbing. Dig deep into the company and the position you want to reach – and what it will take to get there. Learn from everyone around you to gain multiple points of view. Take advantage of mentoring – with expressed gratitude.

    3.     What are your reasons?

    The corner office won’t be enough to satisfy your ladder-climbing drive if you’re after it for the wrong reasons. So what are the right reasons? Where do you stand regarding these rungs to the top?

    • Dedication to the cause, company, co-workers, and product
    • Determination to make a difference within your sphere of influence and beyond
    • To retire with a sense of genuine life accomplishment


    4.  What do you have to offer?

    Sit down and list your strengths:

    • Are you a visionary who sees the end from the beginning?
    • Are you in for the long haul – willing to stick it out from the beginning to the end?
    • Can you clarify and share the vision with co-workers?
    • Can you motivate your co-workers when the project gets bogged down?
    • Are you a successful networker, reaching out to others for strength and skill and support?
    • Are you an “ever-learner”? – willing both to teach and be taught?
    • Do you see achievement through assistance as success?
    • Are you a successful promoter of the cause, the case – and  yourself?
    • Are you willing and able to share the credit?


    Every ladder-climber understands that when the climb gets tough, or even side-tracked for a time, the goal must stand the test of the climb. Organized, focused effort can get you where you want to go. Keep your eye on the corner office with windows.

    corner office

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    And when you move into that coveted corner office, Culver-Newlin is here to help you furnish it like a boss. Serving Southern California businesses and schools for over 50 years, providing the latest, high-quality furniture for the modern, ergonomic workplace and classroom, we live the drive to succeed in business by providing you with excellent customer service. Call Culver-Newlin today at 949-288-6739, or visit us online. We stock everything you need and want to set up your corner office with windows in style with class. And congratulations on climbing the ladder. You’ve earned your place at the top.

  10. Why Should Parents Be Involved in Their Child’s Education?

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    Parental involvement is a key component in the success of a child’s development and education. Key component. A vital part. Parents are still the primary influence in the lives of their children. Learning occurs at its highest levels when parents are involved in the child’s education. So how does a school or teacher engage parents in their children’s learning? How do we make parents feel welcome and comfortable with that involvement? Culver-Newlin provides these tips on encouraging parental support in the classroom and the education of their children.


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    • Invite parents to come along on field trips. Who can’t use a couple extra hands or pairs of eyes to keep kids corralled on field trips?
    • Ask parents to provide classroom supplies for special projects. This cooperation draws parents into the effort and gives them a feeling of being included.
    • Nurturing partnerships with parents makes a team of everyone, draws strengths from unexpected sources, and provides resources that can’t be purchased.



    Parental participation is crucial in every phase of their children’s lives. Encouraging parents to be intimately involved in the daily education of their children moves classroom education toward excellence. And a delightful circle evolves. The happier parents are with their child’s instructor and school, the more involved they’re willing to become. And the more involved the parents are, the higher the grades, the more regular the attendance, the more consistently homework is returned complete, the more positive the student’s attitude and conduct, and the positives continue to tabulate upward.


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    As a teacher, your goal is to help kids gain the skills necessary to empower them to become the best they can be at every stage of their lives. Your goal is lofty and attainable. Enlist the aid of the parents. Everyone will reap the benefits of teamwork – you, as the teacher, receive assistance, the children recognize the involvement of their parents, and the school garners the support of the community. And the parents are involved in their child’s education. Everybody wins. And you made it happen. Congratulations on a job well done.


    At Culver-Newlin, we understand the satisfaction of a job well done and effort rewarded. We’ve been serving the Southern California educational community for over 50 years, providing high quality furniture for the classroom and complete furnishings for schools and businesses. Whether you need traditional pieces or innovative, contemporary designs, Culver-Newlin has what you need from the basics to the options and extras.


    Call Culver-Newlin today at 949-288-6739, visit us online, or come into our Corona showroom and distribution center for all your school and office furniture needs and projects. When it comes to education, Culver-Newlin is involved and has what works for you.