What furnishings would you put in your dream classroom? Pretty fun to think about, right? Would you make story time fun by using colorful, comfortable stools for seating? Want to channel your inner Bill Nye with a science experiments “on-the-go” cart? How about collaborative tables you can write directly on to make solving math problems exciting? And, of course, standing desks have many health benefits and enable your busiest bodies to pay better attention! Check out this Smith System Blog on the Benefits of Standing Desks!

Southern California Classroom Furniture

The best part of what we do is making your dream classroom a reality. Research has shown

how furniture plays an important role in 21st Century schools, providing critical support to learning. Its ultimate purpose is to contribute to student success.

To this end, it should consist of:

  • Furniture that suits the learning activity;
  • Furniture that supports diverse learning styles and new teaching styles;
  • Furniture that meets the physical needs of students to help keep them healthy, comfortable and engaged in learning;
  • Furniture that fosters a sense of community; and
  • Furniture that maximizes utilization of space and meets budget and sustainability criteria.

Now you might be wondering where the budget fairy is to make this all of this happen? We understand that educators today are stretching funds in every way possible; doing more with less. This makes planning for classroom modernization critical. Decide what needs to change now, what would be nice if it changed, and what will be a next year project. We typically find that the school districts we partner with re-furnish their spaces over the course of one to three years. But it all starts with a dream; a vision. What does the space of your dreams look like?

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